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Commercial fire

Commercial Fire Communication Solutions

The reliability and flexibility of cellular alarm communication are increasingly making it the first communication channel choice for new installations. In existing systems, many end users are cutting their landlines and upgrading their fire alarm control panels (FACP) to cellular.

The XR150FC and XR550FC Fire Series Control Panels  are UL 864 for Commercial Fire installations. These panels are available individually with the keypad built-in the cabinet or without a keypad. They are also available as panel packages with or without the fire annunciator keypad built-in.  Network and two line dialer options are available and dealers can upgrade control panels to add cellular communications for fire installations.  The 263C or 263H Digital Cellular Communicator is an easy-to-install module that creates a direct, wireless communications path to any DMP Central Station receiver.

The new FC Series Control Panels are listed for Central Station System, Remote Station System, Proprietary, and Local. This includes service types: Automatic Fire Alarm, Manual Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Supervisory, and Water Flow Alarm.

Slave Communication for Fire Applications

The XR150 and XR550 recently gained added versatility when it earned UL864 certification as a slave communicator that transmits via network or cellular communications in commercial fire installations and is compatible with any FACP.

Dealers can upgrade existing XR150 and XR550 panels to add cellular communications by adding the 263H/381-2 and 263C/381-2 Cellular Communicators, an easy-to-install expansion card that creates a direct, wireless communications path once activated with SecureCom Wireless to any DMP Central Station receiver. Dealers can also order panels with network communications on-board.  Both options will allow the DMP panel to be used as a slave communicator for an existing FACP.

In addition to standard hardwire slave communication installations that connect inputs to the XR150/XR550 Control Panel, DMP panel slave communicators can also be installed using the 1100X Wireless Receiver or 1100XH High Power Wireless Receiver with 1103 Wireless Transmitters to communicate the FACP status.  Refer to diagrams 1.10- 1.12 in the Compliance Listing Guide for Panel Slave Communication for FACP.

When equipped with the Cellular Communicators, the panels also offer DMP exclusive MyAccess ™ Messaging Features as well as use with the DMP Virtual Keypad App, supervised cellular communication, and real-time status information for integration with third-party control and automation systems.  Mobile applications can immediately text or alert the building manager, maintenance supervisor or on-site Safety/Security director upon alarm or troubles.

Commercial Wireless Fire Devices

The list of DMP wireless devices that have earned the UL Commercial Fire Listing include:

1103 Universal Transmitter: A two-input transmitter with wall and case tamper, typically used in commercial burglary door or window applications.

1100R Wireless Repeater:  Extends the communication range of DMP receivers, enabling physically larger, more reliable wireless security systems.

1100XH High Power Wireless Receiver: Provides additional transmit and receive amplification for improved performance at greater distance or in harsh building environments.

Commercial Smoke Detectors: The 1165 smoke detector, 1165H smoke and heat, and the 1165HS smoke and heat with sounder all include a tamper switch that sends a trouble signal if the detector is removed from the mounting base.

1181 Post Indicator Valve:  A weather-proof, tamper-resistant wireless switch for monitoring the open position of post indicator, butterfly and other types of fire sprinkler control valves.

1183 Wireless Heat Detectors: The 1183 Series is a reliable, ceiling-mount heat sensor available in two versions. The 1183-135F responds if the temperature
exceeds 135°. The 1183-135R adds a rate-of-rise feature that responds if the temperature increases by 15°F per minute or more.