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Executive Management

Marc Mills
Chief Operating Officer
800-641-4282 X117

David Peebles
Vice President of Training & Development
800-641-4282 X119

Jeff Britton
Vice President of Product Design
800-641-4282 X170

Brad Tucker
Vice President of Product Management & Support
800-641-4282 X182

Chris Stange
Chief Financial Officer
800-641-4282 X111

Joe Hurst
President of DMP International
800-641-4282 X262

Mark NeSmith
Vice President of Sales
417-831-9362 X463
Cell: 417-839-2547

David Roberts
Vice President of Engineering
800-641-4282 X137

Mark Hillenburg
Executive Director of Marketing
800-641-4282 X132
Cell: 417-849-4313 

Benita Shantz
Director of Human Resources
800-641-4282 X144

Customer Service

  • Placing or tracking an order
  • questions
  • Software activations
  • SecureCom activations or de-activations
  • DMP Virtual Keypad admin questions

DMP Customer Service: 866-266-2826
Fax: 800-743-5724
Hours: 8am-6pm CST

Tech Support

  • Installation assistance
  • Programming assistance
  • Troubleshooting of DMP products
  • Diagnosing & solving technical issues that technicians may face in the field
  • Top 21 Tech Support FAQ's Click Here

DMP Tech Support: 888-436-7832
Hours: 7am-7pm CST

Inside Sales

  • Designing and proposing DMP systems
  • Architects & Engineers Support
  • DMP product features
  • Quotes/Pricing
  • Dealer Direct login/questions

DMP Inside Sales: 877-757-4367
Hours: 8am-5pm CST
Click here for Sales Territory Map

International Sales

Joe Hurst
President of DMP International
800-641-4282 X262

Chris Newman
International Sales Manager
Inside Sales Manager
417-831-9362 X196
Cell: 417-849-8775

Carlos Mecca
Director of Sales, Latin America
417-831-9362 X470
Cell: 417-422-0530

West Sales

Jim Hawthorn
Dealer Development Manager,

800-641-4282 X552
Cell: 417-827-0589

Tim Cahoon
Dealer Development Manager,
South West

800-641-4282 X462
Cell: 928-499-5625

Dennis Wilkerson
Dealer Development Manager,
Southern California
800-641-4282 X452
Cell: 417-406-2172

Paul Wassem
Dealer Development Manager,
Bay Area
Northern California
800-641-4284 x577
Cell: 417-422-1003


Lee Scanlon
Director, Corporate Quality
800-641-4282 X148 

Ken Floyd 
Director, Purchasing
800-641-4282 X428

Scott Mills 
Director, Manufacturing
800-641-4282 X191


Private labeling & branding with your company logo:

  • Keypads
  • Branded Marketing Literature
  • Branded Marketing Videos

DMP Marketing:  800-641-4282 Ext: 190
Hours: 8am-5pm CST

Technical Training

  • Training your technicians
  • Access to online training system
    (LMS – Learning Management System)
  • General training questions
  • CEU Credit questions

Technical Training 800-641-4282 Ext: 179
Hours: 8am-5pm CST
Click here for Training Territory Map

Tim Nissen
Director - Field Technical Training
800-641-4282 Ext: 550
Cell: 417-766-9515

Tim Nissen
Regional Training Manager,
MidWest / Great Lakes

800-641-4282 X599
Cell: 417-839-0222

Dean DaDante
Regional Training Manager,
Florida / Vertical Markets

800-641-4282 X559
Cell: 417-827-7254

Larry di Scipio
Regional Training Manager,
Southern California / South West

800-641-4282 X551
Cell: 417-258-0445

Dan Dossey
Regional Training Manager,
South East / Mid South

800-641-4282 X569
Cell: 417-693-3988

Tim Nissen
Regional Training Manager,
Central States /Entré

Director - Field Technical Training
800-641-4282 X550
Cell: 417-766-9515

Luke Barnhart
Regional Training Manager,
Mid-Atlantic, North East
800-641-4282 X578
Cell: 417-813-8409

Jonathan Patton
Vertical Markets Training Manager
1-800-641-4282 X561
Cell: 417-300-2421

Robert Spencer
Regional Training Manager,
Los Angeles /Entré

800-641-4282 X554
Cell: 661-203-1686

Chris Warren
Regional Training Manager,
North West / Northern California

800-641-4282 X571
Cell: 417-299-7344

SecureCom Wireless

  • Activation
  • Billing
Hours: 8am-5pm CST

Vertical Market Sales

Pat Tobin
Executive Director,
Banking Solutions

800-641-4282 X499
Cell: 209-769-4718

Vince Adams
Director of Strategic Accounts
800-641-4282 X456
Cell: 417-848-0039

Jamie Brennan
Director, National Accounts
800-641-4282 X104

East Sales

Jim Hawthorne
National Executive Director of Sales
800-641-4282 X576
Cell: 404-606-1639

Ken Nelson
Dealer Development Manager,
New York City

800-641-4282 X147
Cell: 417-849-8135

Thomas Francescangeli
Dealer Development Manager,

800-641-4282 X596
Cell: 417-300-6066

Hunter Pardue
Dealer Development Manager,
800-641-4282 X450
Cell: 417-880-2464

Cindy Gentleman
Dealer Development Manager, Florida
800-641-4282 X549
Cell: 417-422-6667

Johnny Byard
Dealer Development Manager,
Mid South

800-641-4282 X464
Cell: 417-399-3418

Shayne Steele
Dealer Development Manager,
New England
800-641-4282 X458
Cell: 781-774-0588

Central Sales

Derek Ottman
Director of Sales, Central
800-641-4282 X454
Cell: 417-773-7198

Mark Barber
Dealer Development Manager,
Great Lakes
800-641-4282 X468
Cell: 417-849-9420

Michael Lovelace
Dealer Development Manager,
Northern Texas
800-641-4284 x572
Cell: 417-860-0332

Aaron Thomas
Dealer Development Manager,
Southern Texas
800-641-4284 x466
Cell: 417-459-1509

Doug Rieman
Dealer Development Manager,
Central States

800-641-4282 X451
Cell: 417-861-2162

Kristin Hebert
Dealer Development Manager,
Lower Mississippi
800-641-4282 X589
Cell: 417-839-0224

Sales Map
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