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XR20 Technical Update TU-0156

October 11, 1999

Firmware Update Effective the third week of October 1999, all XR20 Command Processor panels are being shipped from the factory with version 107 (9/24/99) firmware. This version is an update from the 107 (1/12/99) firmware previously shipped and contains updated operation.

Updated Operation Force Armed Restore Report When a force armed zone restores to normal, a zone restore message will not be sent to the receiver if Bypass Reports in System Options is set to NO. Previously, zone restorals from a force armed zone were sent regardless of Bypass Reports programming.

Relay Outputs A relay output that is assigned in a zone's Alarm Action programming does not turn on when the zone is bypassed and then tripped. Previously, the output would turn on when the zone was tripped while bypassed.

Sensor Reset When an automatic Sensor Reset occurs because a Fire Verify zone is tripped, any previous Supervisory zone alarms that were displayed on the keypad will remain. Previously, the alarm display was cleared due to the Sensor Reset.

Exit Delay An exit delay count down, which started because an area was armed, now properly counts down and expires. Previously, during the exit delay countdown, if another area is armed by a user at another keypad, the exit delay count down would be prematurely ended. If a user had not had a chance to leave the building yet and then opened the exit door to leave, the door entry delay would start and the system would require disarming to prevent an alarm.

Arming Zone When arming the system with an arm only arming zone and one or more burglary zones are not in a normal condition (window open), returning the arming zone to a normal condition within five seconds stops the arming process. Previously, arming could not be stopped and the bad zones would be force armed.

Upgrading/Ordering New Firmware New firmware PROMs may be obtained by calling Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and ordering the XR20/UPDATE. The cost is $2.00 for each firmware update PROM.