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The XR40!

November 11, 1999

Just in time for Christmas! The XR40 will be available for shipment to DMP dealers soon. This expanded, mid-sized control panel will be ready to jump into the 42 zone market by December 1st!

The XR40 will feature: All the functionality of the XR20 Keypad addresses 5 - 8 Zones 51-54, 61-64, 71-74, 81-84 64 user codes with four levels, Master, Standard, Limited, and Scheduled Output Schedules 140 Event Buffer Selection of pre-warn address by zone Reverse battery protection Upcoming XR20 feature revisions include: *Time Zone option in panel *Selectable number of days for Temporary user code Card read will extend schedule one hour and give door strike *Option to not display time in status list *HOME MODE ON, SLEEP MODE ON displays *Exit Error bell shortened to 2 seconds *Exit Delay beep at 20 and 10 seconds to alert user of pending delay expiration *Zone name that starts an entry delay is displayed on top line of keypad *Fast pre-warn buzzer to indicate alarm memory *Line switcher output for cellular backup with *CellMiser *Late to close output *Option to select Recall Test Defer as NO *Lengthen phone number fields to 32 characters

Call your regional sales manager or customer service to place your order.