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School Security

January 12, 2000

Security equipment can be an invaluable tool to a school district. Communities, faculty and parents are committed to making schools safe for their children. They know that taking a proactive stance, developing emergency guidelines and installing security systems improve their ability to deal with potential threats.

School Security is a big market The DMP XR200 is a perfect fit for most sized schools. Many DMP Dealers have been very succesful selling XR200's into local schools, or entire school districts. The powerful network capabilities, 900Mhz panic pendants, and integrated door access, and fire. Capabilities your competition must utilize two or three seperate pieces of equipment for.

To help you land and close some of these great opportunities, DMP has brought out the Security In Depth. Schools 4-color Brochure. This 8 page schools brochure was designed to give to School Boards, Security Directors, and Safety Committies to highlight the power, flexibility, and unique benefits the XR200 bring to the school market.

LT-0486 is avalailable direct from DMP or you can view or download the .pdf version from our Document Library.

Also be sure to look for our Security In Depth. Banking 8-page brochure inserted in this months Security Management Magazine. You can also get this brochure direct from DMP customer service, or download the .pdf version from the document library.