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January 21, 2000

Is it time to order products from DMP?

Try ordering them online!

Starting Monday, January 24, 2000, DMP dealers will be able to order online from our DealerDirect website. Only DMP dealers are granted access to this site. To gain access, simply go to, click on the register button, and fill out the form (you must know your companyÔs DMP account number).

If you have the authority to order product, please check the appropriate box when registering. A customer service representative will then contact your company to verify information and issue an E-DMP account number. You can start ordering immediately.

DealerDirect is a support site for authorized DMP dealers. In addition to ordering online, this site offers many features that will assist you in searching for answers to technical questions. You can browse through the technical forum and search for answers, post your question, or offer answers to otherÔs questions. There are DMP frequently asked questions and a technical update library to offer further support.

If you have any questions about DealerDirect or online ordering, please contact customer service at 800-641-4282.