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XR200-485 Firmware Version 201 Update

November 20, 2000

Firmware Update

Effective November 15, 2000, the model 485 Access Control Interface Card is being shipped from the factory with version 201 (11/7/00) firmware. This version is an update from the 201 (7/27/00) firmware previously shipped and contains updated operation.

Updated Operation

Zone Bypass Remote Link Disconnect

If a zone bypass or zone force arm or zone reset occurs during a remote programming session, the panel automatically holds in memory these central station messages until being manually disconnected from Remote Link. If the panel is programmed to send these messages to the receiver, they are sent after the panel has been disconnected from Remote Link. Previously, the panel would immediately ask to disconnect from Remote Link to send the messages.

Batch Codes

User codes that were added using the Batch method in the User Codes user menu now retain their authority after seven days. Previously, all user codes entered with the batch method except for the first were automatically deleted after seven days.

User Number

The panel now sends zero for the user number in the invalid code access denied message to the receiver. Previously, when a door access is denied because the user code is not recognized by the panel, the user number was sent with invalid characters.

Forgive By User

The 485 now allows a user code that has violated an anti-passback restriction to be forgiven. Previously, the option to forgive a user's anti-passback violation that was performed from the User Codes user menu or Remote Link did not forgive the user code. Note: The user code has always been automatically forgiven at the next arming.

CID Auto Recall

When programmed to communicate CID, the automatic recall test is now only sent once to the receiver. Previously, at the recall time, when the panel programming for Menu Display did not have all device addresses programmed to display on the keypads, the recall test message was sent multiple times to the CID receiver.

Buzzer Silence in Programming

When an installer is programming the panel and the keypad trouble buzzer starts, the trouble buzzer is automatically turned off when the Command or Backarrow key is pressed at the main programming menu such as Communication or Device Setup. Previously, after a trouble buzzer started because of a battery trouble or any other trouble and the installer performed the Stop operation to exit programming, the keypad's siren alert may have started.

Device Setup

When Default is selected in Initialization programming, device numbers in Device Setup are automatically programmed for standard (STD) ONLY if there is a keypad or zone expander attached to the keypad bus. Previously, some device numbers were being programmed for standard even though there was no device attached.

AC Power Trouble

When PWR FAIL HRS in System Options programming is set to zero and an AC power trouble occurs, an AC power trouble message is now sent to the local printer. Previously, the message was not being sent to the printer when power fail hours was zero.

Arming Zone

After a toggle style arming zone is shorted to arm the system, a second short to disarm and stop the force arming of a zone will now disarm the system. Previously, a second short within five seconds, which was performed to stop the force arming, would not stop the arming process.

Hours from GMT

The hours from GMT prompt programmed in System Options is now displayed as HRS FROM GMT:xx (xx=numbers of hours). Previously, the prompt was displayed as GMT ZONE:xx.


When using Remote Link or Remote Access to direct connect or connect through a data network, the panel will no longer return a Panel Busy message. Previously, the Panel Busy message was returned to Remote Link or Remote Access if the panel's dialer had detected ringing in the last fifteen seconds.

Upgraded/ Ordering New Firmware

New Firmware PROMs may be obtained by calling Customer Service at 800-641-4282 and ordering the 485/UPDATE. The cost is $2.00 for each firmware update PROM.