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DMP Prox Patch

December 21, 2000

DMP Prox Patch Digital Monitoring Products is pleased to announce the release of the Prox Patch (patent pending). The DMP Prox Patch is a small adhesive proximity transponder that allows end-users to attach it to almost any item they currently carry. Now, users can gain access or arm/disarm any Easy Entry Proximity-based reader with their cell phone, Pager, Car-Remote, or virtually anything. There is no longer a need to carry an additional fob or card. This proven, reliable technology offers an extremely consistent read range, and its ultra-thin design makes it barely noticeable when applied to various items. This exclusive technology integrates the industry standard HID Proximity Technology and is only available from Digital Monitoring Products. The Prox Patch is available today in quantities of 100. Call DMP Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282.ProxPatch.jpg