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New 24-Volt Notification Appliances

July 18, 2000

DMP is proud to announce the release of the 900 series of 24VDC notification appliances to complement the soon to be released XR2400F FACP. This series includes the 901 Mini Horn, 904 Horn, 906 Motor Bell, 921 and 922 Strobe Plates, 923 Horn and Strobe, and 924 Audible Strobe. These 24VDC notification appliances join the 800 series of notification appliances already available from DMP, which are both compatible with the DMP XR2400F. Call Customer Service today at 800-641-4282 to place your order.

Don't forget to order any of the new DMP power supplies now through Thursday, July 20th, and receive a special introductory price. The new power supply family includes the 504-24, the 505-12, and the 502-12. The new power supplies are cost effective multipurpose DC power supplies that can be used for a variety of applications including burglary, fire, and access control applications. The 504-24 provides 24 VDC @ 4 Amps, while the 505-12 provides 12 VDC @ 5 Amps. Both power supplies are UL listed for burglar, fire, and access control and will be CSFM approved. The 502-12, which provides 12 VDC @ 2 Amps, joins the 504-24 and the 505-12 to complete the DMP power supply family. Call DMP Customer Service for your special pricing and for any information on DMP products.

DMP would like to hear any stories of unique and unusual applications of DMP products. We will be compiling the stories into an applications notebook, to be published and distributed to DMP dealers. DMP greatly appreciates all of your input.