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DMP In The News

January 30, 2001

DMP In The News The January edition of Security Magazine includes a feature on the $1 million integrated security system upgrade at the Lockheed Martin Information Systems division headquarters in Orlando, FL. When it came time to upgrade Lockheed Martin's 15-building, 1.2 million square-foot-site, Lockheed Martin chose the XR200 Command Processor from DMP. In the article, Brian Miller, senior industrial security representative, said, "Our goal was to upgrade the technology and select a system that would grow with us in the future." The 20 XR200 Command Processors provide complete identification and supervision for some 1,800 points throughout the facility, including 400 photoelectric smoke detectors from DMP featuring self-diagnostic functions and remote maintenance reporting capabilities. The article later focuses on the flexibility of the XR200 system:

"The system can integrate any perimeter or interior detectors, CCTV cameras or audio verification. It is also a full-featured fire alarm control panel. Any type of required fire devices can be integrated into the UL and Factory Mutual-approved Life Safety System. In addition, the XR200 interfaces with the existing data network, LAN/WAN, ISDN, telephone, cellular or satellite, providing Lockheed Martin communication flexibility."

Please read the full article in the January edition of Security Magazine. To receive information on the power and flexibility of the XR200 Command Processor, please call DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282.