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Command Center Software Version 1.05 Update

October 11, 2001

Version 1.05 Software Update Effective October 10, 2001 all Command Center software is being shipped from the factory as version 1.05 (10/9/01) software. This version is an update from the 1.04 (8/2/01) software previously shipped and contains new features to the program.

New FeaturesTracking Armed Status A padlock icon now appears in each segment for an account to indicate that the account has fully armed. When any area is disarmed, the icon is no longer displayed. The padlock icon will only display when Track Armed Status is selected on the Modules Tab.Note: Only the XR200 (version 110 and above) and XR200-485 (version 204 and above) support this feature.



Ordering the New Software

Command Center Update version 1.05 (10/9/01) are available free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at If you are a current user of Remote Link, you will automatically be notified of this update.