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November 27, 2001

SDM Magazine- November 2001The Wireless Way,Internet Monitoring Arrives at EMERgency 24

EMERgency 24 Inc., Chicago, has released a new wireless software that allows dealers to access subscribers' accounts via wireless handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs).

EMERgency 24 wireless technology enables dealers to access subscribers' accounts from any location with their handheld devices.

The software allows EMERgency 24 dealers to initiate tasks similar to those performed on standard Internet connections, such as placing accounts on and off test mode and viewing history reports. This technology will expedite the installation and testing process for dealers.

The software is user-friendly, and operates on the Palm OS, the standard OS for popular wireless handhelds such as the Palm, Handspring, Sony and Handera.

Additionally, EMERgency 24 announced that alarm monitoring through the Internet is now available. As a result of DMP transmission methodology, alarm monitoring information can travel on network infrastructures already in existence. UL's recent acceptance of the public Internet and private intranets for AA High Line Security communication to central stations enables EMERgency 24 to offer this service to its dealers.