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The New Alarm Monitoring Module

July 20, 2001

DMP is pleased to announce the release of the Alarm MonitoringTM module. The Alarm MonitoringTM module works on the Remote LinkTM software platform to allow operators to receive and process alarm signals, monitor openings, closings, and door access events of subscriber accounts. The easy-to-use module is a plug-in to DMPās Windows ® based Remote LinkTM and System LinkTM software applications. The Alarm MonitoringTM module allows proprietary users to monitor accounts over dial-up or network lines, and is ideal for guard shack applications, campus police, or simply monitoring supervisory or trouble alarms. This powerful, fully-functional monitoring software allows complete control of system panels and upload/download capability from dial-up or networked systems. The Alarm MonitoringTM module is compatible with all DMP Command ProcessorTM Panels.

Stand-alone or networked PCās require no additional connection to receive alarms from DMP Command ProcessorTM Panels using DMPās patented Internet Monitoring. For more information about the Alarm MonitoringTM module or other DMP products contact DMP Customer Service at (800) 641-4282.