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May 16, 2003

DMP, Springfield, MO, is pleased to offer the Model LM110 Light Sensor. The following update discusses the new features available while using the LM110 with the XR200, XR2400F, and 485 Command Processor Panels. Version UpdateEffective June 15, 2003, all XR200, XR2400F, and 485 Command Processor Panels are being shipped from the factory with updated firmware. The 485 will ship with firmware version 206 (5/12/03) and the XR200 and XR2400F will ship with firmware version 112 (5/12/03). These versions are an update from the firmware previously shipped and contain new features. If purchasing a Model LM110 before June 15, 2003, order an appropriate panel update PROM for operation support. LM110.jpgNew FeaturesLM110 Light Monitor The XR200, XR2400F, and 485 now support the operation of the Model LM110 Light Sensor available May 15, 2003. The Model LM110 is a light sensor with a built-in Inovonics FA210 wireless transmitter and is used with the XR200, XR2400F, and XR200-485 Command Processor Panels. Two modules work as a pair to detect illumination levels. The weatherproof enclosures are made from UV light-resistant gray ABS plastic. The LM110 Light Sensor constantly measures light levels outside the area, such as an ATM, and reports to the central station if the light falls below a pre-determined level. The module is adjustable to meet any light monitoring application.Arming Zone The arming zone programming of the panel now provides an option to allow a delay before arming and disarming. The delay timer uses the time in minutes programmed in Zone Retard Delay in System Options.A2 Type Zone The A2 (Auxiliary 2) zone programming for retard delay now operates in minutes. When A2 zones are used with light sensors, the Zone Retard Delay time (in minutes) keeps momentary blockages or shadows from tripping the zone.Ordering the New Firmware New firmware PROMs may be obtained by calling Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and ordering the XR200, XR2400F, or 485/UPDATE. The cost is $3.00 for each firmware update PROM available May 19, 2003.