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DMP Announces Breakthrough False-Alarm Prevention Feature

February 22, 2007

cancelverifypic.JPGCancel/Verify speeds up alarm verification process by allowing end-users to verify alarms from the keypad

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) of Springfield, MO, a leading U.S. manufacturer of alarm control panels, announced today the release of a new panel software upgrade that enables users to verify, cancel or abort alarms from the system keypad. The new patent-pending Cancel/Verify feature eliminates guesswork and delays at the alarm monitoring station while preventing false alarms.

Our new Cancel/Verify feature helps reduce false dispatches while providing benefits of video surveillance, CCTV, and two-way audio without the expense, said Gary Kallman, DMP Vice President of Sales. Its critical that end-users have the tools they need to prevent false alarms, and we are proud to be first with an innovation that is as simple, powerful, and effective as Cancel/Verify.

The upgrade is designed for ease of use for end users and central stations alike. Keypad prompts ask the end user to verify or cancel the alarm, and the central station receives simple Alarm verified by user, Alarm canceled by user, and Abort by user messages. The Central Station message indicates the user number and user name associated with the eventa feature that is exclusive to the DMP SDLC format.

"We applaud DMP for its commitment to fully embrace the false-alarm-reduction issue by making all their panels CP-01 compliant," said Stan Martin, Executive Director, SIAC. "DMP's new Cancel/Verify feature is an extremely beneficial and user friendly enhancement to the existing CP-01 standard. It's this type of innovation that is helping the industry reduce invalid dispatches while addressing end-user safety."

The Cancel/Verify feature continues to allow users to silence alarm bells onsite without disarming the system, giving users time to investigate the cause of an alarm without canceling the notification to the Central Station.

XR100/500 Version 118 and XRS6/XR20/XR40 Version 303 support the Cancel/Verify operation. Flash-files are available to download via the protected Dealer Direct site, and EPROM updates can be ordered today from Customer Service. Command Processor Panels with Cancel/Verify begin shipping from the factory mid-March, 2007, or after existing versions are depleted from inventory.

DMP is a privately held independent manufacturer of innovative intrusion, fire, and access control products that are designed and made in the United States of America. DMP is the recognized leader of alarm communication over data networks, with products that are available through professional electronic security companies. For more information, contact Chris Schultz at (800) 641-4282, or visit