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Introducing the DMP XR150FC & XR550FC Commercial Fire Panel Series

January 08, 2014

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) is pleased to introduce the XR150FC and XR550FC Fire Series Control Panels for Commercial Fire installations.  These panels share the same functionality as their predecessors the XR100FC and XR500FC Series but with all the new enhancements and cost-savings of the XR150/XR550 Series.

These panels are available individually with the keypad built-in the cabinet or without a keypad. They are also available as panel packages with or without the fire annunciator keypad built-in.  Network and two line dialer options are available and dealers can upgrade control panels to add cellular communications for fire installations. The 263C or 263H Digital Cellular Communicator is an easy-to-install module that creates a direct, wireless communications path to any DMP Central Station receiver.

The new FC Series Control Panels are listed for Central Station System, Remote Station System, Proprietary, and Local. This includes service types: Automatic Fire Alarm, Manual Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Supervisory, and Water Flow Alarm. 

XR Module Information:

  • When Network communication is used the Model 270 Transient Suppression Module is required to meet NFPA standards.  This module is included with all Network enabled FC panels and packages.
  • If two line dialer communication is used the Model 893A Dual Phone Line Module is required.  This module provides the necessary operation to support two dialer lines and the required local trouble annunciation at the control panel.  It is not included with FC panels or packages as Network and Cellular are also approved communication options.
  • The Model 277 Trouble Annunciator is required when dual phone lines are not used and the 893A Module is not present.  The module provides local trouble annunciation for systems using Network or Cellular communication.  It is not included in the FC panels or packages since the 893A module may be used instead.