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DMP Discontinues Repair Support for Older Generation Products Effective June 30, 2015

March 04, 2015

Discontinue Product Repair Support Notice:

Please be advised that repair support will be discontinued on the below listed DMP products. These products have been expired for five or more years. June 30, 2015 will be the last day that repair support will be offered on these products:

  • 690 Keypad (discontinued June 2010)
  • 693 Keypad (discontinued June 2010)
  • 790 Keypad (discontinued June 2010)
  • 793 Keypad (discontinued June 2010)
  • 1912XR Panels (discontinued mid-1990's)
  • XR200 Panels (discontinued June 2007)
  • XRSuper6 Panels (discontinued February 2010)
  • XR20 Panels (discontinued February 2010)
  • XR40 Panels (discontinued February 2010)

Please contact DMP Customer Service if you have any questions at 866-266-2826.