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DMP Introduces the 1158 Wireless Eight-Zone Input Module

September 13, 2017

Easily Convert Hardwired Zones to Wireless Zones

DMP is excited to release the 1158 Wireless Eight-Zone Input Module. The 1158 allows installers to easily connect with existing hardwired zones to use them as 1100 Series Wireless zones. The 1158 is your new go-to module for fast and reliable upgrades.

The 1158 Wireless Eight-Zone Input Module allows installers to convert up to eight existing hardwired zones (such as motion sensors, door and window contacts, etc.) into wireless zones. When a DMP panel is used to take over an existing non-DMP alarm panel, the 1158 can replace up to 8 zones from the old system. Converting existing hardwired zones into wireless zones that can communicate with DMP panels simplifies and speeds up the installation. Existing wiring does not have to be re-run, and existing contacts can be reused with the new system with no need to replace the current end of line resistors.

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“This is a great new addition to the DMP wireless product line,” said Executive Marketing Director, Mark Hillenburg, “The 1158 allows dealers to save time and money on system upgrades. We hope this will be the new go-to product for many customers." 


  • 1100D Series Wireless Receiver Version 105 or higher
  • 1100X Series Wireless Receiver Version 105 or higher
  • XT30 Series panels
  • XT50 Series panels with an integrated wireless receiver
  • XR150/XR550 Series panels
  • XTLplus panels
  • XTLC panels with an integrated wireless receiver

For more information, view the below documents: