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Introducing the XTLplus - Now with 99 Zones


Your customers expect the benefit of flexibility in every security system they purchase, and above all, they want the best performance and value. We’re pleased to give you the new XTLplus , known for excellent performance at a competitive value, and now with more than double the number of zones. 

Effective March 26, 2018, the XTLplus will be manufactured with updated Version 172 firmware, expanding the zones from 48 to 99. Now, your customers have greater flexibility in the options they can add to their systems. The new XTLplus also gives you new business opportunities.

“With a much higher zone limit, the new XTLplus opens doors to provide an ideal solution, particularly for small businesses,” says Aaron McGhee, product manager for DMP’s Control Panels. 

In comparison, he explains, other companies, particularly those selling “all-in-one” systems,” offer high zone counts. Expanding the XTL’s zones to 99 makes DMP much better equipped to compete in the retail and small business marketplaces and show our strength in performance.

“In addition to an expanded zone count, the new XTLplus still has the same communication benefits, high security features, and two-way 900 MHz frequency hopping-spread-spectrum technology that no other company can offer.”  

All in the same small package and at the same price, the XTLplus continues to set the standard for residential and small commercial applications. 

Read more in the complete Technical Update (TU-0947).

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