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“I highly recommend DMP Entré Access & Security Management System Software as a managed access solution. We implemented it over a year ago and have had great success generating new revenue based on the services it enables us to provide. Entré gives us the flexibility to provide managed access services, or to give our customers the web access needed so that they can directly manage their systems. Entré meets all of our managed access control needs.”

- Jon Adams, Operations Center Manager, Atlas Security Service, Inc


Learn more about the features and benefits of Entré in our brochure

Get details about Entré in our Specification Sheet

Get details about Entré CS in our Specification Sheet


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DMP is proud to offer the Entré product exclusively to our dealers with certified technicians. Technicians obtain Entré certification by attending a 4-day training event, hosted either regionally or at DMP headquarters. Since Entré is centered on managing DMP panels, the ideal technician will need to have a measurable working knowledge of DMP XR-series panels. Also, since Entré is an enterprise-level, networked management platform that utilizes an SQL database, the tech must also be competent in networking and software installation and configuration in a server environment. This is measured and determined through a pre-requisite exam taken online by the technician requesting certification.

To help dealers get the most out of their time investment, DMP has developed a comprehensive training program that will help our dealers learn to sell, install, configure and support the software in the field. The training process and all its requirements are discussed on the Entré training website, located here. Please review this page prior to registration for training or Entré equipment purchase.

Read the news about Entré in the Press Release

Read the news about Entré CS in the Press Release

Entré Order Checklist

If you have any questions about Entré, please contact DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282 ext. 205 or our Technical Service Department at 888-4-DMP-tech (888-436-7832).

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