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Security systems have evolved far beyond their original, basic function of simply frightening away intruders. Today's systems can be programmed to summon the appropriate responders while transmitting an alert to the system owner via a text or email message.  With some additional hardware and programming, the system can also provide access control functions. Commercial users can reduce their reliance on keyed locks and instead create an intelligent card- or fob-based system that grants access to only the selected individuals, and only on the specified days and times.

Rather than managing their own access control systems, many organizations choose to rely on security professionals ... often their monitoring service provider ... to also manage their access control. It's a logical extension of the monitoring service, providing added convenience for system owner and added revenue for the service provider.

The resources provided here will help you identify high-potential prospects for Managed Access Control, and describe how service providers can successfully develop this new business. 

Selling Managed Access Control Documents

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