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Security systems have evolved far beyond their original, basic function of simply frightening away intruders. Today's systems can be programmed to summon the appropriate responders while transmitting an alert to the system owner via a text or e-mail message. With some additional hardware and programming, the system can also provide access control functions. Commercial users can reduce their reliance on keyed locks and instead create an intelligent card- or fob-based system that grants access to only the selected individuals, and only on the specified days and times. 

Virtual Keypad Access
For users who don’t want a dedicated server for their access control system, DMP has expanded its options with the Cloud-based Virtual Keypad™ Access. It’s the natural progression of the DMP Virtual Keypad app that manages the intrusion system, and it’s compatible with new and existing DMP XR Series panels with cellular or network connections.

Because Virtual Keypad Access is maintained via the Cloud, consumers have the flexibility to remotely manage their own systems, or it can be managed by a dealer for them. Either way, you can add fully featured access control with an intuitive Cloud-based user interface to your intrusion installs for a fraction of the cost of traditional access control.

Unlike offerings based on traditional access control software, users interact with the service via a browser interface or smartphone app, eliminating the need to use a computer onto which client software has been loaded. And, the Virtual Keypad Access platform is always advancing with new features and capabilities, which are automatically made available as they are implemented. This ensures that the latest and greatest product is always available.

Take a look at this Virtual Keypad Access Feature Overview on Vimeo.