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DMP provides customer-driven products through listening,
anticipating needs, and responding quickly with
innovative solutions that work.
We insist on the integrity of our products and our people.
We Care. We Have Fun. We Profit.

Honesty & Integrity

Tell the truth...even if it costs you something.
Do what's right...especially when no one is watching.
Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

Innovation & Initiative

Always be learning.
Know the customers, products, competition and new technology.
Creative solutions to customer needs are vital to our future.


Anticipate. Listen. Acknowledge. Deliver. Follow up.
The best time to respond is yesterday.
The second best time is now.
Don't wait for them to call you back.


Think before you speak.
Consider the feelings of others.
Treat all with respect and courtesy,
even when delivering an unpleasant message.


Work hard. Play hard. Live healthy.
Share and celebrate every success.


Profit is good. It's why we're in business.
It secures jobs and fuels personal and corporate growth.


Support your team. Be accountable.
Ask for help when needed.
Believe the intentions and abilities of others are good.


Giving is greater than receiving.
Serve others with your time.
Serve others with your money.
Giving to others leads to personal fulfillment and happiness.


Appearance matters. Neatness counts.
Attention to detail, organization and
professional appearance reflect our commitment to excellence.