DMP Technology You Can Bank On!

September 30, 1999

The seventh largest bank in the country relies on Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) security equipment for its digital communications capabilities. DMP is a security equipment manufacturer based in Springfield, MO.

Wells Fargo Bank selected DMPs' digital technology for its ability to transmit data at high speeds, non-intrusively over their computerized ATM network. DMP panels are also able to send large amounts of information over computer networks, satellite links and telephone lines.

Roughly 5,000 branch offices are hooked up with the LAN-based system. The DMP panels make it possible to monitor each branch from the main office.

Area Security Manager for Wells Fargo Bank, Jorge A. Tornero, says they've been using DMP for a long time because of its ease of use. "The alarm panels perform well in both the IP (Internet Protocol) and dial up networks. And, the receivers have proven to be very dependable with little or no down time," says Tornero.

Several companies participated in the installation process, including Montech, Diebold, and Mosler.

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