The All-New Remote Link from DMP!

October 20, 2000

Introducing Remote Linkā¢, DMPās new remote programming software! Featuring an easy to use Windowsā¢ format, Remote Linkā¢ allows you to maintain subscriber accounts, trap panels, and change programming-all from a local or remote computer. Remote Linkā¢ offers a variety of communication options including a phone line connection from a DMP receiver, an Ether-Comā¢ or Ether-Com XRā¢ network connection, through a direct cable using a laptop, and the DMP exclusive-through the network connection across the Internet. Remote Linkā¢ is compatible with all DMP Command Processor Panels. DMP Dealers can simply go to to download your FREE copy today. Remote Linkā¢ is the replacement to DMPās Remote Accessā¢ and features auto conversion software to update your existing Remote Accessā¢ database. Call DMP Customer Service for information on Remote Linkā¢ or any other products at 800-641-4282.