New DMP Pricelist

February 22, 2000

New DMP Pricelist

The New DMP Pricelist will be released on March 1, 2000.

In order to meet changing demands, the newest version of the pricelist has several additions and deletions.

New products include: *Three XR5 Panel Packages *The new XR40 Panel *6Pack variations (XR6 Packages) *XR40 Panel Packages *The 860 Relay Output Module *The 508 Power Supply *The SLR-835B Photoelectric smoke detector *The 485 Enhanced Access Control Expansion Card and the 485B Enhanced for banks *The VP-6100 Fingerprint/Proximity Reader *Easy Entry Replacement LED Plate 571 *The FA202 Wireless Smoke Detector/Transmitter *A water resistant Pendant Transmitter FA223S *The FA570 and FA575 Real-Time Repeaters *A Silence/Reset Push Button Kit 303 *The 350A Panel Enclosure, slide in 3-hole module bracket (350B), and conduit backbox (350C)

Discontinued items include: *2-Way Voice Products *The 349A Enclosure *The 2100 Fingerprint Reader (Replaced by VP-6100) *The DS775LX Motion Analyzer PIR *The FA201 Wireless Smoke Detector/Transmitter (Replaced by FA202) *The FA206DS Motion Analyzer *The FA525 Real-Time Repeater (Replaced by FA570 and FA575) *The 670 Keypad (770 Still Available) *The 506 Power Station (Replaced by 508) *The SLK-865 Smoke Detector and HSB-200 Base (Replaced by SLR-835B) *TRT-A100 Smoke Detector Tester Pole

To receive a copy of the March 1 Pricelist, please contact Customer Service at 800-641-4282.

The Pricelist will be available in spreadsheet form in the Download Tools section of the DealerDirect website at