The New Rex Motion Detector

July 20, 2000

DMP is pleased to offer the new OP-08C Rex Motion Detector, the most advanced Passive Infrared Sensor for all Request to Exit and security applications. The UL listed OP-08C comes in a compact and attractive housing, and includes the following features: ----12-24 V AC/DC Universal Power Input ----Flexible detection area settings ----Environmental and artificial disturbance immunity ----Adjustable look down pattern with one lens The OP-08C, available in black or white, can easily be added to any DMP access control system. Your customers deserve the ease and convenience of a Request to Exit PIR. Call DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282 and order today.

Please visit the DMP website at to see the latest in our line of products and services, including the new section on internet monitoring. Also, visit the document library at for specifications on the new 900 series of notification appliances. The 900 series appliances are both UL listed and CSFM approved. Come visit today.