Featuring The Biggest Small XRSuper6 Control Panel

October 16, 2001

Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. (DMP), Springfield, MO, announces its release of the XRSuper6 Command Processor Control Panel. This innovative product sets a new standard in small size security/fire panels, delivering more power and flexibility than many panels in its class.

Although we have not changed the price after adding many new powerful features, this enhancement of the XR6 makes the XRSuper6 an exceptional product, especially for anyone who has recently joined the search for a new low-end, yet powerful control panel, says Mark Hillenburg, Marketing Manager for DMP.

The XRSuper6 replaces the XR6 Command Processor that DMP has manufactured for several years, but continues to provide a wide array of possibilities that go beyond other competitive products. The XRSuper6 features six on-board programmable zones, but can be expanded to 22 hardwired or wireless zones. The panel is excellent for residential and small commercial systems, and offers a full-range of standard-system features, including door control, pager, internal clock, 16-user and 60 time-stamped events. The XRSuper6 also has enhanced communication options like SDLC, Contact ID, and Modem IIe. As well as including a built-in programmer, the XRSuper6 has programmable outputs, and is made in the USA!

For further information about the XRSuper6 or any DMP products contact your DMP Regional Sales Manager at (800) 641-4282 or visit our website at www.dmpnet.com.