485 Firmware Version 203 Update

October 29, 2001

If you would like to download the following update in PDF format, go here: https://dmp.com/iq/tech_updates/Tu-0225_485_V103_10-26-01.pdf


Firmware Update Effective November 2, 2001, all 485 Access Control Interface cards are being shipped from the factory with version 203 (10/26/01) firmware. This version is an update from the 203 (4/11/01) firmware previously shipped and contains updated operation.


Updated Operation


Faulted Zones When the keypad buzzer is on due to zone trouble, battery trouble, etc., and any key is pressed to silence the buzzer, faulted zones are not displayed on the keypad. Previously, any faulted zones would scroll on the keypad display.


HST Messages After performing the keypad STOP routine to exit programming, HST (Host) messages that need to be sent after restart are now promptly sent. Previously, the first new message was delayed up to four minutes.


Communication Attempts The panel now only attempts ten times to send a message to the receiver even with degraded phone line connections. Previously, the panel would attempt to send a message more than ten times when the phone line connection was weak.


Burg Bell Output When any Output Group number is entered into any Output Option in panel programming, the programmed Burg Bell Output number for partition one is not inadvertently changed. Previously, the Burg Bell Output number would change when the group was turned on or off.


Remote Sensor Reset If a supervisory zone is in alarm, and a sensor reset is requested by Remote Link, the panel correctly completes the sensor reset. Previously, the keypad would continue to display Supervisory Alarm even after the zone alarm was cleared.


Remote Arming When Remote Link sends an arming command with a condition that the panel refuse to arm if zones are faulted, the panel now performs according to the Remote Link command. Previously, if zones were faulted the panel would arm and force arm those zones.


Output Status Request When Output Status is requested by Remote Link, the panel sends the status. Previously, the panel would respond with incorrect information causing Remote Link to require a restart. Note: This problem only occurred with Remote Link and System Link versions 1.03.


Alarm Action Outputs When an output is programmed in Alarm Action for the disarmed state of a zone, the output now turns off when the disarm function is performed at the keypad. Previously, the output could only be turned off through the user menu.


Area Arming The Arming Zone function when used with partitions is now improved to only arm areas within the assigned partition. Previously, if a zone was faulted in partitions two, three, or four, and an arming zone was activated to arm areas in the partition with the faulted zone, areas in partition one were armed.


Arming Zone Open Message The open message sent to a DMP receiver no longer contains an extra and invalid user when the disarming occurred using an Arming Zone. Previously, a second user was sent to the receiver and this field contained invalid characters.


Host S83/S84 Messages When communication type is HST and a Remote Link command is sent through the host communication or remote programming occurs, the S83 Remote Programming Complete or S84 Remote Command Received messages are sent to the receiver just after Remote Link has disconnected with the panel. Previously, these messages were stored in the panel and not sent until Remote Link was connected to the panel through the dialer.


Remote Output Schedule When Remote Link sends an output schedule to the panel that only contains On/Off times for Friday, or Saturday, or a Holiday, the panel accepts and operates using these schedules. Previously, after receiving these schedules from Remote Link the panel would delete them.


Note: Schedules entered via the keypad operated properly.


Upgrading/Ordering New Firmware New firmware PROMs may be obtained by calling Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and ordering the 485/UPDATE. The cost is $3.00 for each firmware update PROM.