Worthwhile Work

March 27, 2001

DMP knows that our job as manufacturing security and fire equipment and our dealers' job of installing and servicing that equipment is very worthwhile. The equipment we manufacture is made to save lives and valuable property. A few weeks ago our Regional Training Manager Steve Knee shared a story with DMP about how one of our fire alarm systems saved a young girl's life. The girl was unconscious when the fire department arrived, and the local officials said that if not for the alarm the girl would not have been saved. There is no doubt that many of our dealers have similar stories about how the equipment they installed helped save a life or catch a thief. DMP would like to hear other actual stories from dealers who have installed equipment that has helped save lives or property. Please help us out by sending your story to info@dmpnet.com. These stories help us at DMP realize that our work is important, and I hope it does the same for all our dealers. Thank you for your time.