New XR2400F Hardware Update

May 23, 2001

Enhanced Layout After listening to customer‚??s needs and responding with solutions, DMP is proud to present the enhanced internal layout of the XR2400F Fire Control Center. The new layout will make installation easy and convenient. Refer to Figures 1, 2, and 3 for a visual comparison of the original and enhanced layouts.

32-Character Annunciator Originally the 32-character annunciator was mounted on a metal bracket inside the enclosure, which took up much needed space. The annunciator is now mounted on inside the door of the cabinet. Mounting the annunciator on the door allowed much more room inside the enclosure for the other components.

Removable Backplate To provide more space inside the enclosure and make installation easier, the components have been placed on a removable backplate. By placing the components on a backplate that can be removed, there is more space inside the enclosure to run wires and install additional modules. The internal backplate makes installation easier by allowing the cabinet to be mounted at the site during construction, and allowing the internal components to be safe from pre-wire activities.Two 866 NAC Modules‚??moved from the right wall of the enclosure to the top of the backplate.893A Dual Phone Line Module‚??moved from the left wall of the enclosure to the left side of the backplate.504-24 Power Supply‚??moved form the upper right-hand corner of the enclosure to the top of the backplate.

Enlarged Enclosure The enclosure size has been extended 2" on the top and 4 3/8" on the bottom. The top extension allows more room when wires are "fished" through the conduit, and the bottom extension allows more room for the batteries.

Battery Shelf A battery shelf allows the batteries to be more efficiently arranged inside the enclosure.

15-Wire Panel Output Harness The extra wires from the panel‚??s output wire harness, which were previously omitted, have been added to allow the use of outputs eight through ten.

Wire Colors To allow quick identification of transformer wires, the 16.5 VAC transformer‚??s wires have been changed. Originally, both transformers had a yellow wire and a blue wire. Now the 16.5 VAC transformer‚??s wires are gray and yellow.


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