DMP Introduces the iCOM™

September 07, 2001

Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. (DMP), Springfield, MO, introduces the iCOM™ Internet Alarm Router, which provides secure-supervised central station monitoring over existing data networks, such as the Internet and Intranets.


The iCOM provides supervised network communication for DMP XR200, XR200-485, and XR2400F Command Processor Panels™. This third generation network product communicates to the DMP SCS-1 Receiver over existing Ethernet IP networks and offers a UL-AA High Line Security listing. The patented communication of the iCOM is the single most cost effective way to eliminate leased line and toll charges. The iCOM  supports DHCP for non-dedicated IP Addressing, and supports multiple IP Messaging.


"Current and future customers who are interested in Internet alarm monitoring will appreciate the improved features of the iCOM, such as keypad programmability. They will also appreciate the reduction in its cost. The iCOM  platform allows greater flexibility for enhancements to our Internet technology, and it's through these enhancements that DMP will continue to lead the way in this new Internet Communication era," said Director of Product Development, Kyle Heironimus.


For more information about the iCOM or other DMP products contact your DMP Regional Sales Manager at (800) 641-4282 or visit our website at