IQ Questionnaire

January 04, 2002

In an effort to continually improve the information you receive from DMP. Please take a second to respond to this InfoQuick message with answers to a few questions. 1. Do you consider the InfoQuick email useful to your organization? 2. Would you prefer to receive more in depth information or less information in InfoQuick messages? 3. Would you prefer to receive more InfoQuick messages or fewer? 4. What other ways would you prefer to receive information? 5. What can DMP do to improve the usefulness of InfoQuick emails? 6. Compared to other email information services you are familiar with, please rate InfoQuick on a scale of 1-10. 7. If any, what other kinds of information would you like to receive on InfoQuick? 8. Is there any information that you receive now, that you wished you didnt? 9. Do you have any other information we should consider while evaluating the current InfoQuick email system?