New Tech Support Services

December 30, 2002

In an effort to improve the service level for DMP dealers, the DMP Technical Service Group will be implementing a new procedure beginning January 2, 2003. When a dealer technician calls DMP Technical Services and it is not certain their issue has been resolved, they will be issued a case number. This case number will reference the technical details of the conversation for any future calls.Should the field technician call in for help with the same issue, they can reference the case number from their previous call. This will allow DMP technicians to look up the previous details of the call and know the troubleshooting steps that have already been taken. The focus of this new procedure is to improve the efficiency of call handling and thereby reduce the amount of time field technicians spend on the telephone solving issues.If the technician does not remember their case number, they will still receive immediate assistance. The DMP Technical Service group would like to truly thank you for your commitment to the DMP product line and let you know that everyone at DMP looks forward to serving you in 2003.