Remote Link and System Link Technical Updates

March 26, 2002

To view the following Technical Update in pdf format, visit Update Effective March 26, 2002, all Remote Link and System Link are being shipped from the factory with version 1.08 (3/26/02) firmware. This version is an update from the 1.08 (3/21/02) firmware previously shipped and contains updated operation. IMPORTANT NOTE: DMP STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT ANY REMOTE LINK AND SYSTEM LINK VERSION 1.08 SOFTWARE BE UPDATED TO VERSION 1.08 (3/26/02). DOING SO WILL ALLOW COMPLETE CONVERSION OF A VERSION 1.07 REMOTE LINK DATABASE.

Updated Operation * * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * *

The recently released 1.08 version of Remote Link and System Link (3/15/02 and 3/21/02) will not accurately send zone information to the XR20, XR40, XR200, XR2400F, and XR200-485 Command Processor panels when the file was originally created with version 1.07 or earlier. After installing any previous 1.08 versions, Remote Link would not completely convert version 1.07 databases for the area assignment of any non 24-hour zone. If panel programming created in version 1.07 was then sent to the panel using version 1.08, the area assignment for all non 24-hour zones would be automatically set to one. If panel programming was created new on version 1.08, this problem does not occur. Immediately update any versions of 1.08 Remote Link or System Link to version 1.08 (3/26/02) and the conversion of the database will be completed. If you have sent version 1.07 programming to a panel using 1.08, please resend the panel programming and the zones area assignment will automatically be set back to the correct value. You can determine the recent history of programming that you sent to your panels. From the File menu, choose Print > Activity to show the Activity Log Report Setup window. Type in the date parameters 3/15/02 to todays date and then print the report. The report will indicate panel programming sent or any zone changes during that time period. Please resend the panel programming for any accounts shown in the list.* * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * * Upgrading/Ordering New FirmwareRemote Link and System Link Updates version 1.08 (3/26/02) are available for download free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at If you are a current user of Remote Link, you will automatically be notified of this update.