Remote Link and System Link Version 1.08 Advisory

April 05, 2002

* * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * *Incorrect Area and Partition Assignment All 1.08 versions of Remote Link and System Link software (3/15/02, 3/21/02, and 3/26/02) set the area and partition assignment of a zone to one (1) WHEN THE ZONE TYPE IS MANUALLY CHANGED BY AN OPERATOR. This observable change can immediately be corrected by changing the area and partition assignment back to their original numbers. For this to occur, an operator must manually change a zone type by choosing Program->Zone Information->Type and then changing the type for that zone. If the area and partition assignments are made after the type has been selected, they are stored properly and no problem exits. This issue will be resolved by Remote Link and System Link version 1.08 (4/8/02). This version is to be released Monday, April 08, 2002. IMPORTANT NOTE: FOR ANY CURRENT VERSION OF 1.08 SOFTWARE DMP STRONGLY ADVISES THAT A REMOTE LINK OPERATOR VERIFY AND THEN CORRECT THE AREA AND PARTITION ASSIGNMENT OF A ZONE AFTER CHANGING THE ZONE TYPE. * * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * * Upgrading/Ordering New Firmware Remote Link and System Link Updates version 1.08 (4/8/02) will be available for download free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at April 8, 2002. If you are a current user of Remote Link, you will automatically be notified of this update.