Remote Link and System Link Version 1.08 Update

April 08, 2002

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Software Update Effective April 8, 2002, all Remote Link and System Link are being shipped from the factory as version 1.08 (4/8/02) software. This version is an update from the 1.08 (3/26/02) firmware previously shipped and contains updated operation.Updated Operation* * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * *Area and Partition Assignment Version 1.08 (4/8/02) of Remote Link software NOW DOES NOT automatically change the area and partition assignment of a zone when the zone type is manually changed by a user. This is true for all zone types. For example, when a Night (NT) zone assigned to area two (2) and partition two (2) is changed to Exit (EX), the area assignment remains "2" and the partition assignment remains "2". For the 24 hour zones Fire (FI), Fire Verify (FV), and Supervisory (SV) which do not operate within an area or partition assignment, the area and partition options appear "grayed-out" and don't allow an entry. For Panic (PN) or Emergency (EM) zone types, only the area assignment is grayed-out. Previously, All 1.08 versions of Remote Link software (3/15/02, 3/21/02, and 3/26/02) set the area and partition assignment of a zone to one (1) WHEN THE ZONE TYPE IS MANUALLY CHANGED BY AN OPERATOR. This observable change could immediately be corrected by changing the area and partition assignment back to their original numbers. For this to have occurred, an operator must have manually changed a zone type by choosing Program->Zone Information->Type and then changing the type for that zone. If the area and partition assignments are made after the type had been selected, they were stored properly and no problem exists. IMPORTANT NOTE: AFTER UPDATING REMOTE LINK TO VERSION 1.08 (4/8/02) DMP STRONGLY ADVISES THAT IF YOU CHANGED THE ZONE TYPE FOR ANY ZONE USING A PREVIOUS VERSION OF 1.08 EITHER ONLINE OR OFFLINE THE ZONE INFORMATION SHOULD BE VERIFIED FOR THE CORRECT AREA AND PARTITION ASSIGNMENT. You can determine the recent history of programming that you sent to your panels. From the File menu, choose Print > Activity to show the Activity Log Report Setup window. Type in the date parameters 3/15/02 to todays date and then print the report. The report will indicate panel programming sent or any zone changes during that time period. Please resend the panel programming for any accounts shown in the list.* * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * * Note: Because System Link installations are unable to send zone changes to a panel, they are not affected by this problem.Upgrading/Ordering New Firmware Remote Link and System Link Updates version 1.08 (4/8/02) are available for download free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at If you are a current user of Remote Link, you will automatically be notified of this update.