502-80 Adds Greater Standby for Banks And Commercial Applications

May 15, 2002


DMP, Springfield, MO, announces the release of the 502-80 Standby Battery Charger. This incredible backup power supply provides Banks and Commercial applications with the added level of security and backup operation, which increases reliability, and meets FDIC requirements.

The 502-80 is simple to install and allows the installer to use all of the 1 Amp auxiliary available from the panel without placing power supplies out on the keypad bus, said Product Manager, Terry Shelton.

The 502-80 Standby Battery Charger allows you to achieve up to 80 hours of standby battery power when connected to an XR200 Command Processor panel. With its own 100 VA 16.5 V transformer, the 502-80 mounts in a 350 or 350A enclosure with ample room for batteries. This DMP Power Supply solution is an effective, cost-efficient way to achieve longer standby or increased system power requirements.

DMP is a privately held independent manufacturer of advanced alarm products that are made in America and available through professional alarm installing companies worldwide. For more information, contact your DMP Regional Sales Manager at (800) 641-4282, or visit dmp.com.


502-80 Battery/MAH-mm/jlb-ccs