December 23, 2003

New Feature RLTUPIC.JPGDisplay Areas Remote Link now supports the Display Areas option under Device Setup for the XR500 or XR500N panels Version 101 or higher. Display Areas allows the XR500/XR500N burglary activities to be segmented so that only specific area(s) and their associated events appear at a particular keypad. Area number(s) selected in this field affect the way users interact with the system from this particular device. For example: Program Device 1 to show only the zone activities and armed status of Area 1. Enter the area number(s) that this keypad is to display. This allows specific area control from this device, as well as annunciation of zones (by type) assigned to those area(s). Display Areas default selects all area numbers. When Display Areas is left defaulted (all areas selected), Menu Display and Status List items determine whether zone alarms and troubles display at this device, regardless of area assignment. Also, all system areas may be armed and disarmed from this device. Version 1.15 Software Update Effective December 2003, all Remote Link and System Link software are being shipped from the factory as version 1.15 (12/15/03) software. This version is an update from the 1.14 (11/11/03) software previously shipped and contains new features to the program. Remote Link and System Link Updates version 1.15 (12/15/03) are available for download free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at If you are a current user of Remote Link, you will automatically be notified of this update. Hard copy updates on CD can be obtained by calling DMP Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and ordering the Link Update. The cost for each update is $30.00.