DMP Receives SIA CP-01 UL Classification for XR500 Series False Alarm Reduction

August 04, 2005

Digital Monitoring Products, DMP, has received a UL approved classification for ANSI/SIA CP-01-2000 False Alarm Reduction.

The following products are included with the UL approval.

XR500, XR500N, XR500E 630F, 690, 690F, 693 790, 790F, 793, 7060, 7063, 7070, 7073

According to the Security Industry Alarm (SIA), CP-01-2000 details design features for security system control panels to reduce false alarms in residential and commercial applications. It covers event recognition and information handling sequences and provisions for system layout testing. CP-01-2000 strengthens user interface features to increase prevention and recovery from user-caused false alarms.

The XR500 Series panels will begin shipping with the UL CP-01 approval mark by the middle of August 2005.

DMP is a privately held independent manufacturer of advanced alarm products that are designed and made in the United States of America. DMP is the recognized leader of alarm communication over data networks, with products that are available through professional alarm installing companies worldwide. For more information, contact Chris Schultz at (800) 641-4282, or visit