DMP Delivers New Keyfob with Access Control Features

March 21, 2013

Wireless Keyfob Control with Proximity Arming and Disarming or Panic

Now you can offer a new and more convenient way for your customers to control their security and access control/door access systems. The just-released 1145-1-BP Key Fob Transmitter includes all the features of the 1145 1-button key fob plus the addition of proximity credentials for use with proximity readers.

"The idea came to fruition when an end-user presented DMP with a concern that their employees didn't want to have to carry two accessories into work. One was their wireless panic button and the other their access control fob, ” said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “That’s when we decided to incorporate proximity technology into the portable fob.”

The 1-button key fob provides the ability to arm or disarm security systems, or transmit a panic command. The built-in proximity credentials add the ability to arm/disarm and interact with access control proximity readers.

All 1145 Series Key Fob transmitters are portable, water resistant, and designed to be clipped to a keychain or lanyard. The LED visual display acknowledges when a button is pressed, providing confirmation with a unique color-coded response. Each fob comes programmed with standard button functions that can be reprogrammed to perform the desired function. In addition to the new 1145-1-BP, the DMP selection of key fobs also includes:

  • 1145-4-B  4-button fob
  • 1145-2-B  2-button fob
  • 1145-1-B  1-button fob

View the below documents for more information:

  • 1100 Series Spec Sheet  (LT-0977)
  • DMP Proximity Devices Spec Sheet (LT-0417)