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Home, safe home

Nothing is more important to your customers than the safety and security of their family, home, and possessions. Systems created from reliable DMP components combine intrusion with fire protection, giving your customers confidence that you’ve provided a high level of personal security for their family and home.

Although DMP products include sophisticated security measures, they’re surprisingly easy to use. Our keypads, for instance, are so simple, even your customer's children will have no trouble with basic system operation. Our newest keypad offerings are the 7800 (wired) and 9800 (wireless) Series Graphic Touchscreen Keypads, which combine a graphical 5-inch, full-color touchscreen and security-system operation with all of the popular features and simplicity that customers want in a keypad, such as local weather, a scrollable carousel menu, one-touch arming, and other interactive features.

DMP home security systems are also designed with "Is This a False Alarm," another distinctive feature. With most systems, when you turn off the alarm you turn off the entire system, dropping the protection. DMP systems allow customers to silence the original alarm but continue to monitor their doors, windows, and motion detectors so if necessary, they can easily confirm that there’s been an intrusion. Even when silenced, the keypad illumination changes color to red to signal an intrusion.

Residential users also appreciate the ability to control their systems from an app anywhere in their homes, or while they are away from home. With the Virtual Keypad app, your customers can control their security systems remotely, as well as control other devices such as locks, lights thermostats, and MORE!