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Security is a tough business, with aggressive competition and demanding customers who often look only at price. But you can gain a real advantage that will help you beat the competition and satisfy your customers: DMP as your technology partner.

We offer our dealers exclusive technology, available only to and through them. DMP products are well known for their high quality, speed of installation, and ease of use. These products aren’t available through distribution. The DMP dealer-direct strategy lets our dealers offer customers leading edge products that they can’t get elsewhere.

We greatly value our relationship with our dealers, and focus on supporting their profitability and business success, including opportunities to create ongoing revenue for services related to installed systems. We listen to our dealers and respond with products and services that truly meet their needs. 

We give dealers what they need to successfully grow their businesses. 

  • Products that install quickly and easily, so technicians can accomplish more each day
  • Features dealers and central stations need to ensure reliable security and efficient monitoring
  • Features customers appreciate, like a wide selection of attractive, easy-to-use keypads
  • Opportunities for sustained, recurring monitoring revenue

Dealers appreciate the long list of benefits of partnering with DMP. They rely on us for non-proprietary, open-architecture products that allow easy integration with equipment from many manufacturers, and offer broad forward and backward compatibility. They know they can depend on our quality-assured products, designed, engineered and assembled in Springfield, Missouri. And they know they can expect a consistent approach from DMP, a company that is owned and operated by the same people who founded the company in 1975.