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The Can-Do Panel for both Medium to Large Installations

The DMP XR100/XR500 Command Processor Panels™ are the heavy lifters in the broad line of DMP security solutions. While the XR100 is a good choice for residential installations, the power and expandability of the XR500 enables you to use them in much larger installations. Whether you need to protect a single facility or an entire campus of commercial buildings, the UL listed XR Panels are up to the task.

Integrated Security Solution

Use XR Panels to create an integrated security package that includes intrusion, fire, and access control, all managed and controlled via one intuitive software program. A single system means one system to learn, operate and maintain. That creates a simpler, lower-cost protection system for your customers.

No Wires Required

Wireless security systems are increasingly popular both with customers who appreciate the clean, no-drill installation and with dealers who like the faster installation that lets them do more jobs each day. The XR100/XR500 Panels are fully compatible with every DMP wireless device.

Supporting the Switch to Cellular  

The 463G Digital Cellular Communicator is a plug-in addition to the XR Panel that creates a cellular communications link, configurable as either a primary or backup path to the Central Station. The 463G enables dealers to respond to increased customer demand for a cellular option while providing a new RMR stream opportunity.

Communication Champion

Create as many as eight separate paths between the panel and the Central Station including dial-up, cellular, and network. If one path is lost, DMP exclusive Adaptive Technology switches within milliseconds to one of the backups, ensuring that the panel is constantly connected to the Central Station.

Go-Anywhere Control

Cellular-equipped XR Panels allow end users to take remote control of their security system. The MyAccess™ features enable end users to send many of the most common system commands to their systems via SMS text message. They can also choose to have alerts sent to them each time there’s an arm/disarm, an alarm, or other selected event. End users can also download the easy-to-use the DMP Virtual Keypad App and take control of their network-connected XR Panels via their smart phone or iPad.

No Dead Ends

The routine release of software upgrades for DMP panels let dealers and end users benefit from a regular stream of new features and system enhancements. Customers are guaranteed of a bigger payback on their security investment.

Learn More

Consult the available Support Documentation to learn more details about the XR100/XR500 Panels.

If you have any questions, please contact DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282 ext. 205 or our Technical Services Department at 888-4-DMP-TECH (888-436-7832).