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DMP XTL™ Wireless Security System 


Our most compact panel ever

The XTL Wireless Security System that operates via cellular, network or WiFi communications.  The panel is about 3” X 5” X 1”, but don't be fooled by the small size. We packed this compact panel with almost all of the popular security features and functions of our full-size DMP panels. It offers 30 user codes with authority levels, 28 wireless zones, and a 100-event memory. It supports up to six areas, four two-way wireless keypads and eight fobs. We shrunk the panel to give you more installation options, but we didn’t shrink the capabilities.

Designed for faster, cleaner installations

An XTL system is completely wireless. Your installers don’t have to crawl through basements or rummage around attics pulling wires. Features built into our wireless devices make one-man installation and setup possible. Installations that would typically take three techs can be done in the same time with just one. That means you can do more installs per day, and do each at a lower cost.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that you don’t have to drill holes for wires. That makes for a cleaner install with little or no damage to your customer’s home. 

More security than the self-contained systems 

All-in-one countertop systems seemed like a good idea. The fact is that they are so easily and quickly disabled that they don’t provide much security.

While the XTL is small, it’s a true, professional-quality distributed system. The control panel and sounder are separate, connected wirelessly, so it’s much harder for an intruder to silence or disable. Because the XTL relies on cellular communications, there are no phone lines to cut. Small package. Big security.

Cellular communications enables mobile control 

The XTL is equipped with digital cellular communications suited for the growing demand from your customers to cut their dial-up lines and go cellular. With cellular alarm system communications, your customers have two mobile options and you have multiple ways of earning RMR. 

MyAccess ™ lets them send commands to the system via simple text message , allowing any text capable phone or mobile device to become a remote control.

The App works on smart phones or mobile devices, allowing users to access commonly used system functions via  graphic interface. Controls include arming/disarming, Z-Wave and Camera control.


Features for residential and smaller commercial customers

The XTL has all the features and capacity that your residential or smaller commercial customers expect. That includes our Cancel/Verify feature that enables them to quickly cancel false alarms and avoid an unnecessary response, or to confirm an alarm and summon responders instantly.

Residential customers appreciate the Home/Sleep/Away arming feature that lets them select one of three arming modes.

Commercial customers like the ability to receive Late To Open/Early To Close Alerts and Traffic Count Reports, useful information that helps them better manage their business. Receiver 1 & 2 Operation lets them direct theft alarms/alerts to a specific guard position, and fire or other alerts to external emergency responders.

1135 Wireless Siren

The 1135 Wireless Siren makes it possible to quickly and easily place one or more sirens as part of an installation. With both residential and commercial end users, this battery powered siren is an easy, add-on sale to customers who want the extra security provided by locating sirens in several interior locations. The 1135 includes a cover tamper and survey LED, and comes with batteries.

9800 Series Wireless Keypad

The 9800 Wireless Graphic Touchscreen Keypad provides end users with an easy to use, intuitive keypad that blends with any décor. All system features and functions can be accessed via the carousel menuon the large, 5-inch full-color touchscreen. It is a 4-wire,
bus series, wired keypad that can include a proximity reader option for codeless arming/disarming.

Literature to help educate your customers

Help your customers understand the benefits of the professional-quality XTL Wireless Security System using the end-user brochures (LT-1262 for Residential and LT-1263 for Commercial), the end-user invoice stuffers (LT-1268 for Residential and LT-1269 for Commercial), and the New end-user invoice stuffers featuring the 9800 Wireless Touchscreen Keypad (LT-1391 for Residential and LT-1392 for Commercial).

Release information: 

  • Press Release
  • XTL Series Specification Sheet  LT-1275
  • Installation Guide XTL Burglary Panel LT-1105
  • Programming Guide XTL Burglary Panel LT-1108
  • Programming Sheet XTL Burglary Panel LT-1095
  • Users Guide XTL Burglary Panel LT-1109
  • Installation Guide 1135 Wireless Siren  LT-1106
  • Installation Guide 9000 Wireless Series Keypad LT-1107
  • Remote Link/System Link Version 1.53 TU-0548