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XTLplus wireless security system


XTL Plus infographic from DMP Alarms on Vimeo.

Introducing the New XTLplus™ All Wireless Control Panel

The XTLplus Wireless Burglary Control Panel sets a new standard for fast installation, reliable security, and ease of operation. The XTLplus includes all the features and benefits you need in a Residential or Small Commercial panel, in a single small footprint; 48 zones of 900Mhz 2-way wireless, cellular AND Wi-Fi communication and Z-Wave Plus™ all in one.

For customers who also want to the convenience and power of mobile control via the Virtual Keypad App™ Wi-Fi is a great option, but you want to also include Cellular backup as communication to the Central Station.

Choose from three XTLplus models:

  • XTL+Z (Z-Wave Plus on board)
  • XTL+W (Wi-Fi on board)
  • XTL+WZ (Z-Wave Plus and Wi-Fi on board)

 To add cellular:

  • 265C CDMA Cellular Communicator
  • 265H HSPA+ Cellular Communicator

XTLplus Features:

  • 99 2-way, 900 mhz wireless zones
  • Dual communication includes Cellular & Wi-F
  • Supports up to 8 2-way wireless key fobs or outputs
  • 200-event memory
  • 99 user codes with authority level
  • 6 area
  • Supports up to 232 Z-Wave Plus devices
  • All New XTLplus Fast Programming


Cellular & Wi-Fi communications enables mobile control 

The XTLplus can be equipped with a 265C for cellular communications or Wi-Fi on-board suited for the growing demand for additional lifestyle features like lights, locks & thermostats.

The Virtual Keypad™ App works on smart phones or mobile devices and allows user to access a number of system functions. Controls include arming/disarming, Z-Wave Plus and Camera control. Users may also use to access their security system on a tablet or desktop computer. MyAccess ™ lets them send commands to the system via simple text message, allowing any text capable phone or mobile device to become a remote control.

Touchscreen Intuitive User Interface Keypad

The 9800 Wireless Graphic Touchscreen Keypad provides end users with an easy to use, intuitive keypad that blends with any décor. All system features and functions can be accessed via the carousel menu on the large, 5-inch full-color touchscreen. The fully functional keypad include a proximity reader option for codeless arming/disarming. Home Automation Z-Wave Plus features may also be controlled via the touchscreen keypads.