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DMP Solution for Full Programming Honeywell VISTA Panels

April 9, 2019

Aaron McGhee, product manager for DMP control panels

When you need to upgrade Honeywell VISTA panels, DMP offers solutions that can make it easy to do. Our CellCom Universal Alarm Communicator, for instance, provides ECP communication with VISTA panels, giving customers the flexibility to arm, disarm, and manage their user codes, all with the powerful, industry-leading Virtual Keypad™ app. We also offer full-programming capabilities with VISTA panels. DMP's DualCom Dual Alarm Communicator can be connected to a VISTA series ECP bus, and with Remote Link™ Version 1.92 gives you the ability to program the Honeywell panel remotely using Honeywell’s Compass downloading software.  By selecting ECP Passthrough ...  Read More

When Your Business Depends on Just the Right Temperature

December 14, 2018

Brian Crouse, Product Manager for DMP Wireless & Keypads

Does your company rely on assets that have to stay a certain temperature? If so, when temperatures rise or fall below that threshold, you know it can be the perfect invitation for financial loss due to spoilage, contamination, or major production delays. We’re here to help before that happens. Broken water pipes are another “show stopper” — in the eight hours that your business is closed, a frozen pipe that breaks can pour out as much as 5,000 gallons of water! DMP's 1115 Wireless Temperature Sensor and Flood Detector will help you avoid that costly mess. Even when your system is disarmed, this wireless sensor detects flooding, as well as unusual and extreme temp...  Read More

Does Your Business Have an Emergency Exit Solution?

November 14, 2018

Dave Rogers, Director of Sales, Western Region

Does Your Business Have an Emergency Exit Solution? For security purposes and the safety of your staff and customers, you can depend on DMP.  By Dave Rogers, Director of Sales, Western Region If you're a business owner, you may have thought about adding sounders to the crash bars on your emergency exits inside your business. After all, for security purposes and the safety of your staff and customers, it’s smart to have an audible alert any time those doors open. But what happens if a sounder’s battery dies? Unless you or another employee manually check those batteries on a regular basis, you may not realize they’re not working until you need them! What if a t...  Read More

Come Spring or Fall, Automatic Panel Time Updates Can Help You Save Time and Money

November 1, 2018

Stephen Bowen, Call Center Manager

Come Spring or Fall, Automatic Panel Time Updates Can Help You Save Time and Money By Stephen Bowen, DMP Call Center Manager It’s that time of year — time change. Typically, we get a lot of calls afterward with questions why customers' panels didn't update. This blog will help you prepare your customers’ panels for the time change and should also help identify the cause if it didn’t work. Automatic panel time updates are dependent on several factors, both on the receiver side and on the panel side. Please keep in mind that customers may prefer having cell tests weekly, monthly, or in some rare instances, no test at all. To that end, if a customer calls s...  Read More

Local Communications Failure Annunciation: What is the Best Way to Meet NFPA Requirements?

October 25, 2018

Aaron McGhee, Product Manager, DMP Control Panels

Cellular alarm communicators aren’t made with keypads, nor are they designed with annunciators. But if there’s a communications failure for any reason on a fire system, the National Fire Protection Association requires the cellular communicators to sound a local annunciation. What’s the best way to comply? Here are your options.  When you’re updating an existing fire system that’s not DMP, our CellCom LTE Fire Alarm Communicator makes it easy to capture and convert Contact ID dialer signals to DMP format. Even with older panels, as long as they support Contact ID, this simple communications add-on can deliver full alarm communication via a cellular con...  Read More


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