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Earn 18 Percent on the Money You Spend at DMP

January 3, 2017

Chris Stange, CFO

Earning interest on your money is always a good idea. It’s the basis of how banks work and wealth is built. When you buy items on credit, interest is a factor. A supplier offers an option that many people overlook. That option is the 1% Net 10 days you often see as part of the terms of your credit agreement. One of the things I like about my job is my conversations with dealers about how to save money or be more efficient. THIS option is one of the most overlooked, yet most lucrative tips I can give. DMP is one of those creditors that offers these two payment terms options: Net 30 or 1% Net 10. Net 30 means you pay the full balance of your invoice within 30 days. But is...  Read More

Why Does Free Freight Matter?

December 29, 2016

Chris Stange, CFO

I often get to have conversations with dealers about a variety of topics, but many times the subject of their account comes up and ways to save money on items they buy from us. There are a few ways that we can save dealers money, and I thought I would spend some time writing about those ideas here on the new DMP blog. In this recent study I was reading, Transportation Accounting: How Understanding Transportation and Freight Costs Leads to Strategic Thinking and More Profitable Business, it estimated freight costs between two and three percent of the total cost of an item. Of course, cost varies widely with the weight of items. Another study I read suggested that freight in the tech...  Read More

The Dream of Building the Best Panel in the World

November 16, 2016

David Peebles, VP of Organizational Development

  Atlas Security Service is where Rick got his start in the industry and where his dream of building the best panel in the world began.  After working in all areas of Atlas, and upon returning to Springfield after college, Rick approached his father, Marvin Britton and then-owner of Atlas, with a big idea.  Rick thought they could design and build alarm equipment that fit Atlas better than what was available on the market.  Marvin agreed, and DMP was born. In 1975, Rick and Marvin Britton took a multiplex alarm panel that Rick had designed to the NBFAA convention in Las Vegas.  That was the official beginning for DMP.  But DMP’s roots in the alarm in...  Read More

Why Does DMP Need a Blog?

November 11, 2016

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

You may be asking yourself why DMP needs a blog. Probably a good question. Part of my responsibility is to promote our products and protect our brand. As a long-time DMP employee, I think the company has an interesting story and a great culture. As for the leadership position we enjoy within the alarm industry and for our many well-respected alarm dealers, to that end, we occasionally need a place to talk about our position on industry issues. In part, sharing some of our culture with customers helps us all understand how and why we do things. Although we have a full list of White Papers and Case Studies and other content, sometimes a topic does not require such formality. So, today we...  Read More