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DMP Blog - Secura: A High-Volume Residential Sales Dealer Program

June 19, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

Secura is a high-volume residential sales program that can power you to success in the residential marketplace. Secura is designed for security dealers who want to increase their company valuation through new RMR by using a new line of DMP products that are tailored for fast installations in homes. Secura really has three parts. PRODUCT FAMILY: It is a new line of Smart Home security products automatically programmed as soon as they power up and connect to the Internet, designed to allow you to professionally install a basic system in about 30 minutes - only available to Secura Dealers. The SecuraHub™ is the center of this system. SALES APP:&...  Read More

DMP Blog - OnDemand Monitoring, An All New Pay As You Go Concept

June 15, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

The concept of OnDemand™ Monitoring was new when we started talking about it a couple of years ago, but it\'s really starting to come on. There is not a month that goes by that I don’t see something in an industry magazine about OnDemand Monitoring or something similar. I think that it’s really coming from the concept that there, again, is a certain segment of the population that does not want to sign long-term contracts.  This segment may overlap the DIY market somewhat, but there is also some traction here with traditional customers and what the industry is calling MIY, or Monitor-It-Yourself. Karyn Hodgson, Senior Editor, of SDM Magazine writes in the 2017...  Read More

DMP Blog - The DIY Marketplace

June 12, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

DIY security customers are growing at a quick rate. In January of this year, Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine featured an article on DIY market trends with research by NextMarket Reports. “Total DIY security users will grow at an annual rate of ~71% percent until 2020,\" while “monitored DIY subscribers will grow ~53% in the same period.” Even though the DIY market is much smaller, 71% growth is something as more than half of these customers are choosing professional monitoring. That’s good news. Especially when compared to the traditional Home Security Market, which is only growing at a rate of ~15%. When adjusted for attritions, that is only a r...  Read More

DMP Blog - Home Automation Integration

May 8, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

I’ve been in this industry for almost 25 years and Home Automation--Smart homes--now IoT has been \"the next big thing\" for that whole time. I think its time is actually here!   Let\'s look at some numbers.  Parks & Associates reports that \"~25% of US homes with broadband have a security system and ~21% of those are professionally monitored.” That also has been the number for the last 20+ years. They also report that for those with an alarm system, 65% say they plan to buy a smart home device within the next year. For years multiple studies have shown that Safety & Security is the number one driver of Smart Home Device adoption, and from m...  Read More

DMP Blog - Manufactured in U.S.A. with U.S. and Global Components

March 15, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

“Made in the USA” is something you rarely see today. More and more products are made elsewhere. There is much confusion about the use of the phrase \"Made in the USA.” What that means to most of us is contrasted by its very strict definition by the Federal Trade Commission. Although we manufacture 100% our products at our factory in Springfield, Missouri, many of the components that we use are not indigenous to the U.S. and therefore come from around the globe. With enough of our components made globally, the phrase we must adhere to doesn’t always best describe what we actually do. We have not changed the location of manufacture of our products since we s...  Read More


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