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Why Dealer Direct

February 9, 2021

Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing

Security is a tough business, with aggressive competition and demanding customers who often look only at price. But you can gain a real advantage that will help you beat the competition and satisfy your customers: DMP as your technology partner. We offer our dealers exclusive technology, available only to and through them. DMP products are well known for their high quality, speed of installation and ease of use. These products aren’t available through distribution. The DMP dealer-direct strategy lets our dealers offer their customers leading-edge products they can’t get elsewhere. We greatly value our relationship with our dealers and focus on supporting their profitability and...  Read More

Amnesia:33 — Is DMP Vulnerable?

December 16, 2020

Dave Roberts, Vice President of Engineering

What is Amnesia:33? A: Amnesia:33 is a set of 33 vulnerabilities found across four different TCP/IP software products commonly found in embedded systems and IoT devices. On December 8, researchers disclosed the set of 33 vulnerabilities, which could essentially help attackers take control of vulnerable devices on a network. Researchers report these vulnerabilities exist in products from many different vendors and affect potentially millions of devices. What TCP/IP stacks are affected? A: Researchers tested a total of seven commonly used TCP/IP software products and found four of them to be vulnerable to some of the 33 reported vulnerabilities. The affected TCP/IP software include uIP, ...  Read More

How to Manage Holidays that Don’t Fall on the Same Date Every Year

November 13, 2020

Bob Powell, Technical Support Supervisor

2020 hasn’t been the easiest year. But here’s something that IS easy: Setting up DMP panels for holidays that don’t fall on the same date every year. Take Thanksgiving. If a DMP panel isn’t programmed to recognize that’s November 26 this year, it’ll automatically disarm that system and unlock the access control doors at the same time as any other work day. Here’s how you and your customer can easily prevent that from happening. Creating and Managing Holiday Dates is EasyFrom Virtual, your customer can create new Holiday Dates and edit existing ones. Or, you can do it for them from Dealer Admin™ by using the Log in As Customer tab. ...  Read More

DMP Entré Support & Features

October 20, 2020

By Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

Someone approached me the other day and asked if DMP was going to continue supporting Entré Central Station. I want to take a few minutes to talk about that. Several years ago when DMP brought out the Entré Access and Security Management Software, we had a version of it called “Central Station” and although we don’t continue to sell that version of the software, many dealers still use it very successfully. So occasionally that question arises. The answer is absolutely YES! Whether you’re a Lite, Business, Enterprise, Central Station or NOC customer or user, we will continue to support the Entré suite of software. It remains a very important piec...  Read More

Cybersecurity: Current Threats and Vulnerabilities

October 5, 2020

Tahnee Puckett M.S., Cybersecurity, Security Director of SecureCom Wireless

For the past 13 years, Verizon has published an annual Data Breach Investigations Report. This report is composed of data received from 81 organizations including cybersecurity companies, law enforcement agencies, ISACs, CERTs, consulting firms and government agencies. In the summary of findings, it states that attackers are becoming increasingly efficient and are leaning more toward phishing and credential theft. In very simple terms, phishing is a method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive emails and websites. The deceptive emails can come in many forms and look legitimate. They may mimic the Corporate IT Helpdesk, claiming that your password has been compromised and ...  Read More

Understanding the DMP Solution for Secure Mobile Access Control

October 2, 2020

Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control

The topic of smartphones in access control systems is the buzz among customers — that’s because practically anyone using an access control system already carries a smartphone, and many say it’s easier using their phones as their credentials. But besides convenience, there are key aspects of DMP's solution that makes smartphones inherently secure for access control. First, let’s review the basics of access control, which authenticates a person by following three things: recognizes something the user has (RFID tag/card/key) recognizes something the user knows (PIN) recognizes something the user is (biometrics) The mobile credential, by definition, is already a ...  Read More

Unlocking Your Business Potential With DMP’s Bluetooth Readers and Mobile Credentials

October 2, 2020

Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

Have your customers asked yet about Bluetooth readers and mobile credentials? Many of them will. That’s because 95+ percent of all adults ages 18-44 own smartphones*. They’re like powerful little touchscreen computers in our pockets and purses that we're using for everything, and practically anyone using an access system already carries a smartphone. So, it’s no surprise your customers may be asking you for the convenience of using their phones as their access credentials. When you need a proven mobile access control solution, DMP is ready. DMP’s Solution Among DMP’s expanded line of high-security access control products is the Farpointe Data® CSR-35 Conek...  Read More

Concerned About Access Reader Security and Encryption?

September 25, 2020

Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

When your customers require OSDP for their next install, you’ll be ready. In addition to Wiegand readers, all DMP 734 Series access control modules support OSDP readers, making them among the most secure access control modules available. What is OSDP?OSDP stands for Open Supervised Device Protocol — it was developed by the Security Industry Association in 2011 and is now widely considered the gold standard for access control installations. For increased security, OSDP supports high-end 128-bit AES encryption to more effectively prevent the interception of data between modules and readers. In addition to the selection of Wiegand card readers, all of the Farpointe readers that DM...  Read More

Data Integrity: How to Stop Hackers From Stealing Your Credentials’ Private Information

September 25, 2020

Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

In light of heightened concerns over health and hygiene, businesses know they need contactless credentials. But they’re increasingly aware of an equally serious threat: Hackers who are able to capture and use their private card-based information. Now like never before, they’re turning to MIFARE DESFire technology for greater security. Since the beginning of 2020, in fact, we’ve seen a significant increase in our sales of smart card credentials and readers. There are several advantages in using MIFARE DESFire readers and credentials, more specifically DMP’s. That’s because DMP’s Delta line of credentials delivers MIFARE DESFire EV2 support, an even higher ...  Read More

Ripple20: Is DMP Vulnerable?

September 1, 2020

Tahnee Puckett, M.S., Cybersecurity, Security Director of SecureCom Wireles

By Tahnee Puckett, M.S., CybersecuritySecurity Director of SecureCom Wireless® What is Ripple20?A: Ripple20 is a set of 19 vulnerabilities, found in the popular Treck embedded TCP/IP stack. On June 16, researchers disclosed the set of vulnerabilities, which could essentially help attackers take full control of vulnerable devices on a network. It’s dubbed Ripple20 because the initial single vulnerable component may be relatively small, but can “ripple” outward to impact a wide range of industries, applications, companies and people, ultimately affecting hundreds of millions of devices utilizing the popular Treck. Who is Treck?A: Treck has been designing, dist...  Read More

Cybersecurity Terms Everyone Who Uses a Computer Should Know

July 29, 2020

Tahnee Puckett, Security Director of SecureCom Wireless

Hello, I am the new security director at DMP. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing a series of blogs taking an in-depth look at cybersecurity — what it is and why it is so very important. I’ll discuss companies that have been breached, and I’ll provide details on how you can help keep your information safe. Before jumping in, I’d like to give you an idea of my background. This spring, I completed my master’s degree in Cybersecurity at Missouri State University. Previously, I worked at DMP as the SQL DBA and Entré engineer manager. I also worked at Bancsource with a skilled team setting up a Managed Services Solution in the banking industry. In...  Read More

You Can Add ATM Vestibule Security for Much Less Than You Think

July 15, 2020

Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

With the threat of Covid-19, your bank’s ATMs are far more than just a convenience you provide to customers — now more customers are relying on ATMs for their cash needs so they can avoid person-to-person contact. With Covid-19 however, you may have reduced your security staffing. In these uncertain times, that means some of your ATM vestibules may be vulnerable. As your partner in security, we wouldn’t want you to take that risk! That’s why we’ve designed the 734B Bin Code Access Control Module. In combination with a magstripe reader, the 734B gives you the ability to protect your ATM vestibules and lobbies by restricting access only to your customers with va...  Read More

What Controls Do You Have in Place to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Installed Cameras?

June 26, 2020

By Tahnee Puckett, Security Director of SecureCom Wireless®

Respecting people’s privacy is a big concern these days. That’s why your customers may want to know about the controls you have in place to protect their privacy. Perhaps they’re thinking about adding video surveillance to their security systems — or maybe they’ve installed cameras already. No doubt, they’ll appreciate your information and respect the value you place on ensuring their privacy. As you may know, DMP’s Dealer Admin™ and Tech APP™ give authorized dealers and their staff a variety of features and resources that can help make it easier and faster to manage customers’ systems — but never at the expense of your custo...  Read More

Are DMP’s Government Contracts Affected by NDAA Sec. 889?

June 25, 2020

By Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing

DMP is one of the few security companies that continues to design, engineer and manufacture all of our control panels in the U.S. Since our founding in 1975, our commitment to the highest level of quality with encrypted and scalable solutions has allowed us to meet the security needs of numerous U.S. government agencies. DMP has also developed a trusted national network for installation and service, as well as a division of our company that is solely dedicated to serving our important government customers. In light of the NDAA 2019 however, some have questioned if DMP's business with the U.S. government would be affected. In response to this question, DMP legal counsel Joe Hurst explains: ...  Read More

UPS Shipping FAQ

June 22, 2020

Can more than one person in my company receive shipping notifications?No. Unfortunately, our system only allows one email address for shipping notifications. Your company would need to consider using a group mail box or setting up a rule to auto-forward these notifications to multiple users. Can I change who gets a notification on each order?No. The email address can be updated if necessary but cannot be changed on a per-order basis. How can I get a copy of the packing list?DMP does not use a packing list. All orders ship with the original bill of lading (BOL). The only copy of the BOL is included in the first box of the order. If the document is lost or missing, it is possible for our Acc...  Read More

What’s Your 3G Upgrade Strategy?

May 29, 2020

Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing

AT&T and Verizon’s switch to LTE is happening. No doubt you’re thinking about all of your customers’ communicators that have to be changed out — we know you’re wondering, "Who’s going to pay for all this?" One thing is for sure, you don’t want AT&T or Verizon taking away the features your customers have come to enjoy that make them a more engaged and stickier customer! Over the last few months, we’ve heard from many of our dealers who’ve shared how they are structuring their 3G upgrade business model. Below, we’ve collected some best practices you may find helpful. 1. Technology Upgrade Program - Include the communicato...  Read More

DMP Gives You Touchless Keypads

April 21, 2020

Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing, DMP

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an immediate need to avoid touch, and that may be creating concerns among your customers about using the keypad to arm or disarm their security systems. Regardless of which system they're using, here are several ways to arm and disarm their systems without touching the keypad. Touchless Keypads Users love our Graphic Touchscreen and Thinline Series keypads. But do they also know about their codeless arming and disarming feature? At home and particularly at work where several people use the same keypad, there’s no need to take the chance of touching the screen to enter your codes. These keypads' built-in proximity readers allows you to present your ow...  Read More

Keeping Your Business Secure During COVID-19

April 2, 2020

Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing

By Mark Hillenburg Vice President of Marketing More time spent at home and social distancing may mean you can wear pajamas during conference calls. But it doesn’t mean the security system you rely on to protect your business gets a break. Don’t forget your DMP security and access system has several features built-in to help you protect your businesses while you’re not there. Here are a few tips to consider. Schedule Override If you have an XR control panel, you may be taking advantage of the convenient feature that lets you program your business entrances to automatically unlock at 8 a.m. or whenever your business opens. But keep in mind, you can easily activate the Sched...  Read More

DMP Manufacturing and Supply Chain Update

March 27, 2020

UPDATE: March 27, 2020 With the first of April approaching, our industry has transitioned from Security Providers to Essential Workers & Employers. DMP is committed to fully support our dealer and end user needs during this critical time. We stand with you and offer our combined resources to help provide stability and safety in our nation and to the world during the fight against COVID-19. DMP is an essential employer in fighting this pandemic as defined by Homeland Security as you can see in this document: We manufacture critical equipment that main...  Read More

Local vs. Cloud Processing. Why Does That Matter?

March 25, 2020

Jeff Britton, Vice President of Product Design

The cloud is opening up what seems to be endless resources and conveniences. But interruptions in internet service still present a very real problem, particularly for security companies that must rely on the cloud to process their systems’ most basic functions. When presenting credentials to enter an access control door, for instance, or when automatically turning on a hallway light when entering your home, your customers expect instantaneous results. But systems that use remote servers must have uninterrupted internet service to complete those functions. How will those unavoidable internet delays affect your customers’ confidence in their security systems? DMP systems are alw...  Read More

Another Advantage of DMP’s Digital Wireless: The Built-In Survey LED

March 23, 2020

Dave Roberts, Vice President of Engineering

Which would you rather have: A wireless transmitter for which you’d also need to purchase another tool to measure its signal strength… or a transmitter that has the signal indicator “built in?” When you’re deploying a wireless system, you may find that some manufacturers suggest you provide your installers with a specialized tool, which they’d need for every wireless installation in order to test the signal. Because we understand that pre-testing is such an important part of deploying a wireless system, we build that visual functionality into every single transmitter. It’s always there where you need it, when you need it. We call this the survey L...  Read More

Joint Statement on COVID-19 from ESA, SIA & TMA

March 20, 2020

It’s vitally important that we share critical information concerning COVID-19 and its impact on our industry. Please take a moment to read this important message from our trade association leaders: During this challenging time, ESA, SIA and TMA are united in representing your interest in the electronic security and life safety industry. The rapid government response through executive action, regulatory changes and legislation at the local, state and federal level to the COVID-19 virus is unprecedented. We stand together to assure all members, consumers and other stakeholders that this industry will continue to remain on the front lines as a vital partner in public safety. We understa...  Read More

A Message from Our CEO: Business and Health at DMP

March 13, 2020

Chief Executive Officer Rick Britton

This seems like a troubling time for some of us. Our business is great, but what about our health and welfare? There are lots of questions on everyone’s mind. Therefore, here are some common-sense steps we’re taking to encourage everyone to stay healthy and safe and keep the business going strong. The DMP Facilities team, led by our vice president of Corporate Services has implemented additional cleaning and disinfecting procedures to help reduce any virus spreading. Daily they are wiping down door handles and related flat surfaces. Most doors are being propped open to reduce the times we have to touch any surfaces. The IT manager and IT department have reviewed our capac...  Read More

Looking for a BIN Code Solution for Your Regional Banking Customers?

February 10, 2020

Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

For your customers who manage regional banks, here’s an affordable way you can bring BIN code support to their facilities. If you haven’t yet taken a look at DMP’s new 734B Bin Code Access Control Module, it installs just like any of DMP’s access control modules. And like all DMP access control solutions, it's designed with customized functionality and added flexibility. Let’s take a look. Customized Functionality: In combination with a magstripe reader, the 734B allows banks to restrict access into their ATM vestibules and lobbies only to their customers with valid bank cards. With the 734B, you don’t have to program user codes for every single cu...  Read More

Not Sure Which Hardware Level You Have?

January 24, 2020

Stephen Bowen, Manager of the DMP Call Center

If a Thinline Series keypad is going to support an 1108 Wireless Doorbell Module with a Westminster chime, the DMP Technical Update-0952 says you need "Level J” hardware. What is "Level J" hardware you ask? Great question! On the circuit board of DMP hardware you will either see a handwritten letter or a resistor chip near a square that says "LEV" to identify the hardware level. Anything that requires a letter level requires that letter or higher. Additionally, once a circuit board has been setup for resistors, letters will no longer be used. This means a resistor level is always higher than any letter level for that particular circuit board. All resistors will have a number on them. ...  Read More

DMP Takes Steps to Protect Privacy and Connected Devices

January 6, 2020

Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing, DMP

Your ability to meet customers’ security needs relies heavily on the manufacturer you choose. There are many new privacy laws going into effect — is your control panel manufacturer able to keep up with the changes? California’s Senate Bill 327 became a statewide law on Jan. 1 as did Oregon's House Bill 2395. To address cybersecurity laws like these, DMP has released new firmware updates for its family of control panels. DMP control panels now have random installer codes for compliance and tighter IOT privacy regulations With its latest control panel firmware release, DMP is providing a new means of authentication as an added security feature. Panels ship with a unique fo...  Read More

How to Avoid Extra Charges on Your SecureCom Bill

December 23, 2019

By Stephen Bowen, Manager of the DMP Call Center

We enjoy the relationship we have with our dealers. We love to profit together with you. We certainly don't want you to spend money on a cell modem that you aren't using anymore. Hopefully these tips will help your company save time and money. According to our Accounting team, one of the biggest SecureCom frustrations their callers have relates to being "double billed" on accounts. After reviewing these accounts, we typically find that two different modems are active for the same site. How does this happen? Maybe you replaced a 2G modem with a CDMA modem. Maybe a storm hit and you need to replace the LTE modem. Either way, replacing a modem without deactivating it is the biggest culprit o...  Read More

Understanding Keypad Bus Addressing

December 3, 2019

Stephen Bowen, Manager of the DMP Calll Center

Keypad Bus addressing is something that's often referred to with phrases like "I don't understand," "This is complicated" and "Where is zone 46?" Other than a few phrases to remember, what if I told you Keypad Bus addressing was as easy as drawing this picture? A column for the Device number, another column for the device's Zone number, then put the two numbers together and you have the Keypad Bus Zone #. Each device slot can have up to four zones on it. The zone number will be the Keypad Bus device number plus a 1, 2, 3 or 4. That means you won't have a zone ending with a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 0 on the Keypad Bus. (The XTL panel family uses wireless only so does not conform to the Keypad...  Read More

Understanding DMP Compliance With the TCPA

December 3, 2019

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing, DMP

A couple of weeks ago, we released a cool “refer a friend” program that hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out. With this new program, we’ve made it as easy as ever for your customers to refer business to you. But some of you have asked if sending text messages through the Virtual Keypad™ app in an attempt to get referrals violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). That’s a great question! The short answer is absolutely not. While the program gives you an easy way to leverage the influence and reach of your customers, because they’re the ones choosing to initiate the referral, it’s in total compliance wi...  Read More

How to get the “easy” sales? Put DMP’s Customer Referral Program to Work for You!

November 8, 2019

By Jack Conard, Director of Sales Training, DMP

Any salesperson who has successfully asked for referrals knows they’re some of the most valuable leads you can get! But only 11 percent of salespeople ask their customers for them. Why so few? Mainly because they haven’t been trained on the right way to ask and they just keep missing out on a lot of easy sales. How to secure the easy sales?As a sales trainer, I teach sales professionals to always give before expecting to receive. DMP’s new Customer Referral Program creates a unique way to do exactly that. From Dealer Settings in Dealer Admin™, you can now enable Customer Referrals, which allows you to offer your current Virtual Keypad™ app users an incentive t...  Read More

How to Maximize Your ROI: Make Sure Your Access Control System Is Integrated With Your Security System

October 22, 2019

By Justin Norris, Product Manager of Access Control, DMP

The more benefits your security system delivers, the more it pays for itself. Video surveillance, for instance, lets you keep an eye on your business wherever you are. Next, let’s take a look at access control and how the right system can help your bottom line. Let’s take a look: Convenience Without Compromising SecurityRelying on a lock-and-key system can compromise your security; for instance, employees may lose their keys or duplicate them. Using access credentials instead is more secure because of advanced data encryption that makes duplication nearly impossible. An access control system not only provides added security, but it also enhances your facility management capabil...  Read More

Cat-M1 Coverage Enhancement Delivers Greater Signal Amplification Where Coverage is Compromised

October 21, 2019

By Bill Dorman, Information Security Officer, SecureCom Wireless

It’s important to know that the security manufacturer you rely on has chosen the best technology to employ with their new communicators. As you may know, DMP LTE communicators for Verizon and AT&T are designed with Cat-M1 technology. What you may not realize is that every DMP module you purchase is also designed with a unique technology as part of Cat-M1 called Coverage Enhancement Mode A, and now, with the widespread deployment of LTE systems, that’s making a big difference in providing reliable service, wherever you are. In fact, in “fringe areas” where there’s poor connectivity due to high interference or poor coverage, the Coverage Enhanc...  Read More

Upgrading Interlogix Panels. Here Is How to Save Time and Money When You Convert to DMP

October 15, 2019

By Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing, DMP

When you have an opportunity to upgrade Interlogix panels, here’s how to give your customers DMP quality and save time and money doing it.  Upgrading Interlogix WirelessThe 738T Wireless Translator, as well as the 738I ITI Wireless Expansion Module allow you to upgrade non-DMP panels without having to replace existing sensors that still work. The 738T translates low-frequency wireless transmitters — specifically 319.5 MHz used by Interlogix — to communicate with DMP’s XT Series and XR Series panels. With this one device, therefore, you can continue to use the working sensors to send supervision, alarm, tamper and low battery messages to the panel....  Read More

Selling is About Process, Not Personality

September 27, 2019

By Jack Conard, Director of Sales Training, DMP

If you’re interested in sales, there are all kinds of blogs and posts about closing techniques, how to overcome objections and on and on. I read one just the other day, in which the author gave an objection and then asked readers to send him, as fast as they could, their ways to overcome the objection and close the sale. Okay, I thought, I get it. That may be fun, but really, have you ever heard a “phrased close” and thought, “That’s it! That is the one! I have finally found the magic phrase that will close sales and make me rich?” Of course not. Because it doesn’t work that way! There really is no silver bullet, voodoo or magic phrase that casts a...  Read More

DOA vs. Repair. What Is the Difference?

September 25, 2019

By Stephen Bowen, Manager of DMP Call Center

How do you know when to contact DMP Tech Support vs. the online Repair Center when sending in a product? It’s a question that comes up occasionally. To answer the question, let’s look at the two options we have in place: Advanced Replacement/Defective On Arrival (DOA): If we receive a call about a DMP product that isn’t working, we troubleshoot the problem with the technician. If the unit is, in fact, bad out of the box, we supply you with a DOA Return Authorization Number (RAN) — this allows us to issue a credit or send you a replacement product in advance. You then get the credit when you return the defective one back to DMP.  Why do we require troubleshooti...  Read More

Are You Taking Advantage of the Entre Pre-Upgrade Checklist?

September 4, 2019

Stephen Bowen, Manager of DMP Call Center

What's the best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly when your Entré certified technician arrives at your customer's location to upgrade Entré? DMP's Entré Pre-Upgrade Checklist. We have seen a dramatic increase in successful Entré upgrades since moving to the checklist and then sending you the update file — we want to be sure everyone knows about it. The checklist is available on our Entré page. Previously you downloaded Entré software upgrades directly from our website and hoped the upgrade would go well. This checklist gives you an opportunity to make sure your customer’s system has the required specifications to run...  Read More

Why You Need to Know the Date Code on Firmware Versions

August 5, 2019

Stephen Bowen, Manager of DMP Call Center

If you’re confused by our firmware numbering and don't understand the importance of date codes, please allow us to explain. First, let's start with the basics: What is firmware? Firmware is the programming that gets loaded into a DMP product to allow it to function. If the product hardware was the physical brain, the firmware would be the knowledge. How is firmware identified?The version of the firmware is a three-digit number that is followed by a date code. For example, 172 4/29/19 is a firmware for the CellCom. What is a date code?A date code is the number that designates the firmware's version and what features/improvements it has. Without the date code, you won't know the ...  Read More

Entry Check-In Protection: Advanced Security for Homeowners and Small Businesses

July 11, 2019

Jon Adams, Director of Business Development, SecureCom Wireless

For financial institutions, retail jewelers, and other high-end businesses, the highest security technology is an absolute necessity. For more than three decades, DMP has worked with monitoring centers to deliver that. We know, for instance, that communications between those customers’ panels and their monitoring centers must be reliable and constant — our network Supervision Check-In messages guarantee that. Today, we’re using that knowledge and expertise to provide better security to homeowners and small businesses. As we continue to expand into those markets with the XT Series™ panels, particularly the popular XTLplus™ and now the...  Read More

DMP Control Panels: Designed With Network Security at the Forefront

June 7, 2019

Dave Roberts, Vice President of Engineering

DMP’s proven history of using data networks for alarm panel communication began in the early 1990s with the first-ever UL High Line Security listing over data networks. Since that time, DMP has continued to improve network integration and security, making the use of data networks for alarm communication both simple and reliable. Many of the nation’s top banks and secure government facilities rely on DMP control panels and network reporting capabilities for their security needs. DMP control panels are designed with network security at the forefront. No commercial operating systems (COTS) such as Linux or Windows are used in our control panel design. This eliminates the ...  Read More

Key Dates for AT&T, Verizon 3G Network Shutdown

May 22, 2019

Jeff Britton, Executive Director of SecureCom Wireless

UPDATED JUNE 20 - The 3G sunsetting has begun, and LTE is here. As you know, it’s important to have a strategy to stay ahead. Here are some important dates confirmed from AT&T and Verizon to keep in mind. By 2022, both cellular carriers have confirmed their 3G networks will no longer be in service. Specifically, AT&T’s 3G/HSPA network will shut down in February 2022. Later that year, in December 2022, Verizon has confirmed it will do the same with its 3G/CDMA network. To stay ahead of the 2022 sunset, it’s time to start scheduling the replacement of CDMA or HSPA devices as you are doing service work, if you haven’t al...  Read More

How Does a VPN Make Your DMP Video Solution More Secure?

May 9, 2019

Bill Dorman, C|EH - SecureCom Wireless Information Security Officer

With breaches at an all-time high and information security under heavy scrutiny, it’s important to understand what manufacturers of your “smart” devices are doing to keep you safe. The “Internet of Things” is a term that encompasses a large subset of devices with largely varying functions. These include security systems, IP cameras, smart watches, scales, medical devices, appliances, and more. By the year 2020, it’s estimated that there will be more than 20.4 billion IoT devices online. One serious concern with IoT is how manufacturers secure (or fail to secure) the devices they produce for customers. Some of the largest attack vectors against Io...  Read More

How Secure is Your Two-Man Rule?

April 29, 2019

Aaron McGhee, Product Manager of DMP control panels

If you’re responsible for protecting other people’s money, you should insist on a security system that’s designed with advanced banking features built directly into the panel. Take the Two-Man Rule, for instance. Most banks implement some variant of this rule whereby two employees are required to jointly perform one action. With two different keys or two parts of a single combination, for instance, they can disarm your bank’s vault. That’s a big responsibility — so big that DMP takes it a step farther to give you more control over restricted areas without the possible cost of replacing locks.   By our standards, the Two-Man Rule, which we call Dua...  Read More

DMP Solution for Full Programming Honeywell VISTA Panels

April 9, 2019

Aaron McGhee, Product Manager of DMP control panels

When you need to upgrade Honeywell VISTA panels, DMP offers solutions that can make it easy to do. Our CellCom Universal Alarm Communicator, for instance, provides ECP communication with VISTA panels, giving customers the flexibility to arm, disarm, and manage their user codes, all with the powerful, industry-leading Virtual Keypad™ app. We also offer full-programming capabilities with VISTA panels. DMP's DualCom Dual Alarm Communicator can be connected to a VISTA series ECP bus, and with Remote Link™ Version 1.92 gives you the ability to program the Honeywell panel remotely using Honeywell’s Compass downloading software.  By selecting ECP Passthrough on Re...  Read More

When Your Business Depends on Just the Right Temperature

December 14, 2018

Brian Crouse, Product Manager of DMP Wireless & Keypads

Does your company rely on assets that have to stay a certain temperature? If so, when temperatures rise or fall below that threshold, you know it can be the perfect invitation for financial loss due to spoilage, contamination, or major production delays. We’re here to help before that happens. Broken water pipes are another “show stopper” — in the eight hours that your business is closed, a frozen pipe that breaks can pour out as much as 5,000 gallons of water! DMP's 1115 Wireless Temperature Sensor and Flood Detector will help you avoid that costly mess. Even when your system is disarmed, this wireless sensor detects flooding, as well as unusual and extreme tempera...  Read More

Does Your Business Have an Emergency Exit Solution?

November 14, 2018

Dave Rogers, Director of Sales, Western Region

By Dave RogersDirector of Sales, Western Region If you're a business owner, you may have thought about adding sounders to the crash bars on your emergency exits inside your business. After all, for security purposes and the safety of your staff and customers, it’s smart to have an audible alert any time those doors open. But what happens if a sounder’s battery dies? Unless you or another employee manually check those batteries on a regular basis, you may not realize they’re not working until you need them! What if a thief triggers a sounder in the middle of the night after robbing your business — who will be inside to take action? Most likely, no one. This opt...  Read More

Come Spring or Fall, Automatic Panel Time Updates Can Help You Save Time and Money

November 1, 2018

Stephen Bowen, Call Center Manager

By Stephen BowenDMP Call Center Manager It’s that time of year — time change. Typically, we get a lot of calls afterward with questions why customers' panels didn't update. This blog will help you prepare your customers’ panels for the time change and should also help identify the cause if it didn’t work. Automatic panel time updates are dependent on several factors, both on the receiver side and on the panel side. Please keep in mind that customers may prefer having cell tests weekly, monthly, or in some rare instances, no test at all. To that end, if a customer calls several days after the time change about a panel that still hasn't gotten its time update, the fir...  Read More

Local Communications Failure Annunciation: What is the Best Way to Meet NFPA Requirements?

October 25, 2018

Aaron McGhee, Product Manager of DMP Control Panels

Cellular alarm communicators aren’t made with keypads, nor are they designed with annunciators. But if there’s a communications failure for any reason on a fire system, the National Fire Protection Association requires the cellular communicators to sound a local annunciation. What’s the best way to comply? Here are your options.  When you’re updating an existing fire system that’s not DMP, our CellCom LTE Fire Alarm Communicator makes it easy to capture and convert Contact ID dialer signals to DMP format. Even with older panels, as long as they support Contact ID, this simple communications add-on can deliver full alarm communication via a cellular connect...  Read More

Give Your Customers the Advantage of Adaptive Technology

October 1, 2018

Aaron McGhee, Product Manager of DMP Control Panels

"What we've got here is a failure to communicate!" That well-known line from the 1967 classic, "Cool Hand Luke," certainly wasn't referring to the shortcomings of a security system! Even so, it perfectly pinpoints why some systems fall short. Whatever they're protecting, with adaptive technology, their security system's vital communications will never miss a beat. When it comes to protecting people's lives and their property, the communication between your customer's panel and your receivers has to be absolutely reliable. Not most of the time. All the time.At a moment's notice, it has to be able to adapt to unforeseen changes. Say, for instance, your customer's internet service provid...  Read More

Avoid Walking Into Danger

September 11, 2018

Brian Crouse, Product Manager of DMP Wireless & Keypads

Brian CrouseProduct Manager for DMP Wireless & Keypads Don’t risk walking into work or home and coming face-to-face with an intruder! If the keypad is red, you’ll know to stay safely outside until help  arrives. Most commercial or home security systems are designed to automatically silence an alarm after a few minutes. But if you’re not there when the alarm sounds, you could enter your home or business, not realizing someone broke in. At DMP, we’re setting a higher standard for your security. Unlike the rest, our system has a unique Red Keypad. When an alarm has been activated, the keypad’s backlight turns to red. Even if the alarm has timed o...  Read More

How Do We Protect SecureCom Wireless Servers?

July 11, 2018

Bill Dorman, Technical Director of SecureCom Wireless

When customers have questions about server security and redundancy, I tell them they’re smart to ask — in today’s digital world, mobile security is something we should all be concerned about. That’s why for the security and redundancy of the servers and all of our network assets, we employ the highest standards and work only with the most highly rated data centers. If you’re like most of the customers I’ve spoken with, you’d like to know more about that.   Based on their qualifications, we’ve chosen Tier 4 data centers for the primary assets of SecureCom Wireless. Tier 4 is designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems wi...  Read More

Buy.DMP.Com Offers Advantages Only Available Online

June 1, 2018

Keith Shelby, Customer Service Supervisor

If it’s between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on a weekday in Springfield, Missouri, one of our Customer Service representatives is ready to take your call. And for your convenience, we also accept orders by e-mail, fax, and through our e-commerce site for authorized DMP dealers. If you haven’t used yet, give it a try — your administrator can add you and anyone else who needs access. Not only does it give you the freedom to place orders at any time, day or night, but it also has these features we think you’ll especially like: Customizable TemplatesDid you know you can create templates for items you order regularly on our site? Say, for instance, you freq...  Read More

Need to Make a Return? Our Customer Return Center Makes It Easy

May 15, 2018

Dean Virden, Quality Manager

How a company handles returns is a major part of its customers’ experience. We get that — and because we appreciate your business and your time, we’ve tried to make our return process as fast and easy as possible.   Our goal, for instance, is for all requests for product updates or repairs to be turned around in one business day. Meeting that goal has become a lot easier with our online Customer Return Center (CRC). As you may recall, we introduced the CRC about two years ago. Now, compared to those triple carbon-copy Repair Authorization tags we used to use, it’s much easier to submit a Return Material Authorization (RMA) online through our CRC. Here’s w...  Read More

Advisory Notice: Smart-Home Services Require Equally Smart Contracts for Your Protection

May 9, 2018

Joe Hurst, Sr. Vice President, DMP

Smart-home integration — it’s what the majority of today’s consumers want. And, in our interconnected world, we have the power to integrate disparate services and solutions into our alarm systems that allow consumers to use some of the most popular home automation products. You can envision a typical scenario. For instance, you’ve installed a security system with an integration from Apple TV® that’s using the homeowners’ screen to look at their security cameras, or an Amazon Alexa® or Google Home Assistant® that arms their systems and controls their lights and locks, plus at the front door, there’s a video doorbell that lets them monitor...  Read More

SecureCom Wireless Customer Update

February 2, 2018

Jeff Britton, Executive Director SecureCom Wireless

You may have read that Verizon will no longer support 3G CDMA devices beyond Dec. 31, 2019. Read more about it here. Because of the relationship that SecureCom Wireless has with Verizon, we have received assurances that our products will have service until Dec. 31, 2022. Any SecureCom Wireless device that is activated before Dec. 31, 2019 can remain in service until Dec. 31, 2022. This will allow SecureCom Wireless users substantially more time to migrate existing devices to the next generation of cellular technology and allow you to focus on adopting these technologies for new devices. SecureCom Wireless will pre-load all CDMA units it has in stock to Verizon (including those tha...  Read More

Processor Vulnerabilities "Meltdown" and "Spectre" Present No Threat to DMP Systems

January 15, 2018

David Roberts, Vice President of Engineering

As you may have heard, two critical vulnerabilities, dubbed “Meltdown” and “Spectre,” have been reported with Intel, AMD, and certain variants of ARM processors. DMP has reviewed the list provided by Google Project Zero and was able to determine that none of the listed processors have ever been used in our products. The result of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities is that an attacker might be able to compromise the privileged memory of a processor by exploiting the way processes run in parallel and subsequently steal any data on a system. Of the list of processors released by Google Project Zero that are impacted by these vulnerabilities, DMP only uses the ARM proc...  Read More

Life Safety Information 24 Hours a Day

December 18, 2017

Mark NeSmith, Vice President of Global Accounts

One of the primary purposes of a well-designed life safety and security system is to provide information that’s critically important, even when the system isn’t armed. For a mom who’s preparing dinner in the kitchen, for instance, imagine how important it would be for her to know if her small child has just opened the front door in the other room. With the multiple door chime feature that DMP has added just this December, there’s no guessing which door has opened.Multiple door chimes let people easily and quickly distinguish by different tones where and when a zone is opened. If it were the back door that opened, mom would know that her child can play safely in the se...  Read More

DMP Blog - OnDemand Monitoring, An All New Pay As You Go Concept

June 15, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

The concept of OnDemand™ Monitoring was new when we started talking about it a couple of years ago, but it's really starting to come on. There is not a month that goes by that I don’t see something in an industry magazine about OnDemand Monitoring or something similar. I think that it’s really coming from the concept that there, again, is a certain segment of the population that does not want to sign long-term contracts.  This segment may overlap the DIY market somewhat, but there is also some traction here with traditional customers and what the industry is calling MIY, or Monitor-It-Yourself. Karyn Hodgson, Senior Editor, of SDM Magazine writes in the 2017 State of...  Read More

DMP Blog - Home Automation Integration

May 8, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

I’ve been in this industry for almost 25 years and Home Automation--Smart homes--now IoT has been "the next big thing" for that whole time. I think its time is actually here!   Let's look at some numbers.  Parks & Associates reports that "~25% of US homes with broadband have a security system and ~21% of those are professionally monitored.” That also has been the number for the last 20+ years. They also report that for those with an alarm system, 65% say they plan to buy a smart home device within the next year. For years multiple studies have shown that Safety & Security is the number one driver of Smart Home Device adoption, and from multiple su...  Read More

DMP Blog - Manufactured in U.S.A. with U.S. and Global Components

March 15, 2017

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

“Made in the USA” is something you rarely see today. More and more products are made elsewhere. But there is much confusion about the use of the phrase "Made in the USA.” What that means to most of us is contrasted by its very strict definition by the Federal Trade Commission. Although we manufacture all of our products at our factory in Springfield, Missouri, many of the components that we use are not indigenous to the U.S. and therefore come from around the globe. To that end, when you purchase DMP products, you'll see "Manufactured in U.S.A. with U.S. and Global Components" printed on them. With enough of our components made globally, the phrase we must adhere to ...  Read More

DMP Blog - Increase Your Sales by Using Auto-Programming Panels

March 6, 2017

Jim Hawthorne, Director of Sales - Eastern Regions

At a recent conference I attended, two questions prodded a group of alarm dealers from all parts of the United States.  The first question was, “What do you need to double your business in the next three years?” The second question was, “What are your biggest concerns about your business today?” The number one answer to BOTH questions was the same:  Staff.  We need qualified people on my team in sales and installations but also adequate training, getting new hires up to speed quickly and retaining talented people. If owners of alarm companies from various regions of our nation all have the same issues, it stands to reason that our industry has some ...  Read More

DMP Blog - Earn 18 Percent on the Money You Spend at DMP

January 3, 2017

Chris Stange, CFO

Earning interest on your money is always a good idea. It’s the basis of how banks work and wealth is built. When you buy items on credit, interest is a factor. A supplier offers an option that many people overlook. That option is the 1% Net 10 days you often see as part of the terms of your credit agreement. One of the things I like about my job is my conversations with dealers about how to save money or be more efficient. THIS option is one of the most overlooked, yet most lucrative tips I can give. DMP is one of those creditors that offers these two payment terms options: Net 30 or 1% Net 10. Net 30 means you pay the full balance of your invoice within 30 days. But is that ...  Read More

DMP Blog - Why Does Free Freight Matter?

December 29, 2016

Chris Stange, CFO

I often get to have conversations with dealers about a variety of topics, but many times the subject of their account comes up and ways to save money on items they buy from us. There are a few ways that we can save dealers money, and I thought I would spend some time writing about those ideas here on the new DMP blog. In this recent study I was reading, Transportation Accounting: How Understanding Transportation and Freight Costs Leads to Strategic Thinking and More Profitable Business, it estimated freight costs between two and three percent of the total cost of an item. Of course, cost varies widely with the weight of items. Another study I read suggested that freight in the technology...  Read More

The Dream of Building the Best Panel in the World

November 16, 2016

David Peebles, VP of Organizational Development

Atlas Security Service is where Rick got his start in the industry and where his dream of building the best panel in the world began.  After working in all areas of Atlas, and upon returning to Springfield after college, Rick approached his father, Marvin Britton and then-owner of Atlas, with a big idea.  Rick thought they could design and build alarm equipment that fit Atlas better than what was available on the market.  Marvin agreed, and DMP was born. In 1975, Rick and Marvin Britton took a multiplex alarm panel that Rick had designed to the NBFAA convention in Las Vegas.  That was the official beginning for DMP.  But DMP’s roots in the alarm industry go ba...  Read More

DMP Blog - Why Does DMP Need a Blog?

November 11, 2016

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

You may be asking yourself why DMP needs a blog. Probably a good question. Part of my responsibility is to promote our products and protect our brand. As a long-time DMP employee, I think the company has an interesting story and a great culture. As for the leadership position we enjoy within the alarm industry and for our many well-respected alarm dealers, to that end, we occasionally need a place to talk about our position on industry issues. In part, sharing some of our culture with customers helps us all understand how and why we do things. Although we have a full list of White Papers and Case Studies and other content, sometimes a topic does not require such formality. So, today we are...  Read More


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