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DMP Takes Steps to Protect Privacy and Connected Devices

January 6, 2020

Mark Hillenburg, vice president of Marketing, DMP

Your ability to meet customers’ security needs relies heavily on the manufacturer you choose. There are many new privacy laws going into effect — is your control panel manufacturer able to keep up with the changes? California’s Senate Bill 327 became a statewide law on Jan. 1 as did Oregon's House Bill 2395. To address cybersecurity laws like these, DMP has released new firmware updates for its family of control panels. DMP control panels now have random installer codes for compliance and tighter IOT privacy regulations With its latest control panel firmware release, DMP is providing a new means of authentication as an added security feature. Panels ship with a unique f...  Read More

How to Avoid Extra Charges on Your SecureCom Bill

December 23, 2019

By Stephen Bowen, manager, DMP Call Center

We enjoy the relationship we have with our dealers. We love to profit together with you. We certainly don't want you to spend money on a cell modem that you aren't using anymore. Hopefully these tips will help your company save time and money. According to our Accounting team, one of the biggest SecureCom frustrations their callers have relates to being "double billed" on accounts. After reviewing these accounts, we typically find that two different modems are active for the same site. How does this happen? Maybe you replaced a 2G modem with a CDMA modem. Maybe a storm hit and you need to replace the LTE modem. Either way, replacing a modem without deactivating it is the biggest culpr...  Read More

Understanding Keypad Bus Addressing

December 3, 2019

Stephen Bowen, manager, DMP Calll Center

Keypad Bus addressing is something that's often referred to with phrases like "I don't understand," "This is complicated" and "Where is zone 46?" Other than a few phrases to remember, what if I told you Keypad Bus addressing was as easy as drawing this picture? A column for the Device number, another column for the device's Zone number, then put the two numbers together and you have the Keypad Bus Zone #. Each device slot can have up to four zones on it. The zone number will be the Keypad Bus device number plus a 1, 2, 3 or 4. That means you won't have a zone ending with a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 0 on the Keypad Bus. (The XTL panel family uses wireless only so does not conform to ...  Read More

Understanding DMP Compliance With the TCPA

December 3, 2019

Mark Hillenburg, executive director of Marketing, DMP

A couple of weeks ago, we released a cool “refer a friend” program that hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out. With this new program, we’ve made it as easy as ever for your customers to refer business to you. But some of you have asked if sending text messages through the Virtual Keypad™ app in an attempt to get referrals violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). That’s a great question! The short answer is absolutely not. While the program gives you an easy way to leverage the influence and reach of your customers, because they’re the ones choosing to initiate the referral, it’s in total compliance wi...  Read More

How to get the “easy” sales? Put DMP’s Customer Referral Program to Work for You!

November 8, 2019

By Jack Conard, director of sales training

Any salesperson who has successfully asked for referrals knows they’re some of the most valuable leads you can get! But only 11 percent of salespeople ask their customers for them. Why so few? Mainly because they haven’t been trained on the right way to ask and they just keep missing out on a lot of easy sales. How to secure the easy sales?As a sales trainer, I teach sales professionals to always give before expecting to receive. DMP’s new Customer Referral Program creates a unique way to do exactly that. From Dealer Settings in Dealer Admin™, you can now enable Customer Referrals, which allows you to offer your current Virtual Keypad™ app users an incentive t...  Read More

DMP Entré Support & Features

October 23, 2019

By Justin Norris, product manager, DMP Access Control

8.2 - Jan. 29th 8.3 - June 7th 8.3.1 - Sept. 9th 8.4 - Sept. 26th 8.4.1 - Early November 8.5 - Dec. 2019        Enhancement Highlights: Support for new panel firmware versions International panel support Connection to panels with cell primary comm type Performance improvements Entré database migration tool Single Sign-On To update to the newest version of Entré, see our blog post here or contact one of our Inside Sales representatives at or 877-757-4367. Additional Entré information and documentation can also be found at These resources will assist you...  Read More

How to Maximize Your ROI: Make Sure Your Access Control System Is Integrated With Your Security System

October 22, 2019

By Justin Norris, product manager, DMP Access Control

The more benefits your security system delivers, the more it pays for itself. Video surveillance, for instance, lets you keep an eye on your business wherever you are. Next, let’s take a look at access control and how the right system can help your bottom line. Let’s take a look: Convenience Without Compromising SecurityRelying on a lock-and-key system can compromise your security; for instance, employees may lose their keys or duplicate them. Using access credentials instead is more secure because of advanced data encryption that makes duplication nearly impossible. An access control system not only provides added security, but it also enhances your facility management capabil...  Read More

Cat-M1 Coverage Enhancement Delivers Greater Signal Amplification Where Coverage is Compromised

October 21, 2019

By Bill Dorman, Information Security Officer, SecureCom Wireless

It’s important to know that the security manufacturer you rely on has chosen the best technology to employ with their new communicators. As you may know, DMP LTE communicators for Verizon and AT&T are designed with Cat-M1 technology. What you may not realize is that every DMP module you purchase is also designed with a unique technology as part of Cat-M1 called Coverage Enhancement Mode A, and now, with the widespread deployment of LTE systems, that’s making a big difference in providing reliable service, wherever you are. In fact, in “fringe areas” where there’s poor connectivity due to high interference or poor coverage, the Coverage Enhanc...  Read More

Upgrading Interlogix Panels. Here Is How to Save Time and Money When You Convert to DMP

October 15, 2019

By Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing

When you have an opportunity to upgrade Interlogix panels, here’s how to give your customers DMP quality and save time and money doing it.  Upgrading Interlogix WirelessThe 738T Wireless Translator, as well as the 738I ITI Wireless Expansion Module allow you to upgrade non-DMP panels without having to replace existing sensors that still work. The 738T translates low-frequency wireless transmitters — specifically 319.5 MHz used by Interlogix — to communicate with DMP’s XT Series and XR Series panels. With this one device, therefore, you can continue to use the working sensors to send supervision, alarm, tamper and low battery messages to the panel....  Read More

Selling is About Process, Not Personality

September 27, 2019

By Jack Conard, Director of Sales Training

If you’re interested in sales, there are all kinds of blogs and posts about closing techniques, how to overcome objections and on and on. I read one just the other day, in which the author gave an objection and then asked readers to send him, as fast as they could, their ways to overcome the objection and close the sale. Okay, I thought, I get it. That may be fun, but really, have you ever heard a “phrased close” and thought, “That’s it! That is the one! I have finally found the magic phrase that will close sales and make me rich?” Of course not. Because it doesn’t work that way! There really is no silver bullet, voodoo or magic phrase that casts a...  Read More


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