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Give Your Customers the Advantage of Adaptive Technology

October 1, 2018

Aaron McGhee

Give Your Customers the Advantage of Adaptive Technology Whatever They\'re Protecting, With Adaptive Technology, Their Security System\'s Vital Communications Will Never Miss A Beat  \"What we\'ve got here is a failure to communicate!\" That well-known linefrom the 1967 classic, “Cool Hand Luke,” certainly wasn’t referring to the shortcomings of a security system! Even so, it perfectly pinpoints why some systems fall short. Whatever they\'re protecting, with adaptive technology, their security system\'s vital communications will never miss a beat  When it comes to protecting people’s lives and their property, the communication between your cust...  Read More

Avoid Walking Into Danger

September 11, 2018

Brian Crouse, Product Manager for DMP Wireless & Keypads

Avoid Walking Into Danger By Brian Crouse, Product Manager, DMP Wireless Products & Keypads Don’t risk walking into work or home and coming face-to-face with an intruder! If the keypad is red, you’ll know to stay safely outside until help  arrives. Most commercial or home security systems are designed to automatically silence an alarm after a few minutes. But if you’re not there when the alarm sounds, you could enter your home or business, not realizing someone broke in. At DMP, we’re setting a higher standard for your security. Unlike the rest, our system has a unique Red Keypad. When an alarm has been activated, the keypad’s back...  Read More

How Do We Protect SecureCom Wireless Servers?

July 11, 2018

Bill Dorman, Technical Director, SecureCom Wireless

When customers have questions about server security and redundancy, I tell them they’re smart to ask — in today’s digital world, mobile security is something we should all be concerned about. That’s why for the security and redundancy of the servers and all of our network assets, we employ the highest standards and work only with the most highly rated data centers. If you’re like most of the customers I’ve spoken with, you’d like to know more about that.   Based on their qualifications, we’ve chosen Tier 4 data centers for the primary assets of SecureCom Wireless. Tier 4 is designed to host mission critical servers and computer syst...  Read More

Buy.DMP.Com Offers Advantages Only Available Online

June 1, 2018

Keith Shelby, Customer Service Supervisor

If it’s between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on a weekday in Springfield, Missouri, one of our Customer Service representatives is ready to take your call. And for your convenience, we also accept orders by e-mail, fax, and through our e-commerce site for authorized DMP dealers. If you haven’t used yet, give it a try — your administrator can add you and anyone else who needs access. Not only does it give you the freedom to place orders at any time, day or night, but it also has these features we think you’ll especially like: Customizable TemplatesDid you know you can create templates for items you order regularly on our site? Say, for instance, ...  Read More

Need to Make a Return? Our Customer Repair Center Makes It Easy

May 15, 2018

Dean Virden, Quality Manager

How a company handles returns is a major part of its customers’ experience. We get that — and because we appreciate your business and your time, we’ve tried to make our return process as fast and easy as possible.   Our goal, for instance, is for all requests for product updates or repairs to be turned around in one business day. Meeting that goal has become a lot easier with our online Customer Repair Center (CRC). As you may recall, we introduced the CRC about two years ago. Now, compared to those triple carbon-copy Repair Authorization tags we used to use, it’s much easier to submit a Return Material Authorization (RMA) online through our CRC. Here&r...  Read More


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