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dmp virtual keypad broWser

Call us to start offering the Virtual Keypad Browser today!

DMP now offers the Virtual Keypad Browser providing end users with the ability to remotely control their security system via Internet connection on a tablet or computer. Your customers will log into with their login and system user code.

Users can conveniently access commonly used security functions that are available via their keypad and APP:

  • Arming/Disarming
  • Home and Business Automation features allow users to control lights, locks, and thermostats
  • View and record video; up to six cameras
  • Manage multiple systems for a single login
  • Add, edit, and delete users from the system
  • Review system activity from the History tab

Users can benefit from the NEW features (listed below), provided their panels have updated software: XR150/XR550 Version 106 or higher and XTL/XT30/XT50 Version 119 or higher along with the updated browser Version 1.4.0 Update.

  • NEW: View, add, edit and delete system schedules for arming/disarming, favorites, outputs and doors
  • NEW: Lock and unlock doors, and initiate lock down to all public doors in XR150/XR350/XR550 systems
  • NEW: A red shield now displays along with a red background and banner to indicate an alarm under the arming tab

The Virtual Keypad Browser works with many of the commonly used browsers on either PC or Apple computers. It is compatible with the DMP XTL, XT and XR Series Panels.

Dealers can check out the Virtual Keypad Browser spec sheet.

Also check out the Online Help files here: