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 CDMA & HSPA+ Cellular Communicators

Plug on cell modules make DMP panels the best choice for a world of ever changing technology. CDMA from Verizon™ and HSPA+ from AT&T™ and T-Mobile™ delivers the simplicity, the flexibility, and the longevity you want and the coverage options your market area demands.

The new communicators include:

  • 263C - CDMA for Verizon on the XT Series™ Panels
  • 265C - CDMA for Verizon on the XTLplus™ Series Panels
  • 463C - CDMA for Verizon on the XR Series™ Panels
  • 263H - HSPA+ for AT&T and T-mobile on the XT Series Panels

Please view the below literature for more information on the DMP 263C and 463C Cellular Communicators:

      DMP has announced it will no longer be shipping 2G GSM units to dealers in North America after December 2013. In keeping with its practice of providing upgrade paths to more-current technologies, DMP is offering dealers deep discounts on upgrades to the newer CDMA and HSPA+ communicators that they use for migrating their customers to the new technology.

      Click here for more information on the 2G Sunset.