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Grow Your Company Through Online Sales

The Company Store is a tailor-made way that you can deliver reliable security products, particularly for the millennial DIY marketplace.

The Company Store is an integrated web application and product delivery engine where consumers tailor their security systems by preference and budget and install the system themselves. While the back-end development is on us, the result is a straightforward, easy-to-use interface for you and your customers. Customize the interface and add it to your website. Showcase a competitive home security and automation system, offer flexible contracts, and reap the rewards of a growing marketplace.

When customers visit your customized Company Store, they'll be  prompted with “Let’s build your system” to choose their monitoring preferences, then check out. Prompts intuitively guide customers to name their own zones, which DMP programs for them into their system automatically from a Cloud-based service. Customers can change their zone names later through™ or DMP's Virtual Keypad app.

The Company Store allows you to expand into the DIY market. "The easy access to a website brings flexibility into contracts and competitive offerings to a particular marketplace,” said Jeff Britton, DMP’s vice president of Product Design. “The heavy-duty work is fulfilled by DMP to make DIY systems even easier for dealers and their customers.”

All through an easy administrative portal, you'll enter your dealer pricing and determine you price points. Based on what you choose to offer, your customers can navigate the website independently and choose their contract.

Set up is simple!

  • Configure Your Company StoreSecureCom Wireless™ allows you to create and manage your customized Company Store via your pre-existing Dealer Admin console.
  • System Account Numbers and ConventionSelect the starting point for the systems you've chosen to sell on the Company Store. DMP will configure your panels, starting with the account number entered in this field. It will then select the next available account number in ascending order.
  • Set Up a Stripe Account: Stripe is a third-party service that processes payments. This service allows DMP to transfer funds to your bank account when customers purchase products from your Company Store.
  • Customer Payment Information: DMP will collect and transfer the initial product purchases via Stripe. You'll need to obtain your customer’s payment information to bill them for the monitoring service plan.
  • Choose Your Company Store Name: This is the information that will display on product packages.
  • Set Up Notifications: Enter the e-mail address of your Company Store administrator. DMP will send notifications to this e-mail address when a customer places an order and will provide order tracking information when the order ships.
  • Logo: Upload your company logo that will display in your Company Store.
  • Product Offering and Pricing: Select the products you want to make available to your customers and establish your customer pricing. DMP provides your dealer level price as a reference, so you can adjust the prices to your customers.
  • Monitoring Contract and Pricing: Choose the monitoring service that will be available to your customers. Monthly and one- to five-year options are available.
  • Sales/Monitoring/Service Agreement: Write the terms and conditions agreement between your company and your customer.
  • Receiver Information: Enter the primary and secondary receiver IP addresses and port numbers. Panels will use this path to report system events to DMP receivers.
  • Customer Support Information: You may want to include customer support information that's specifically for your Company Store customers. Now is the time to think about adding a new phone number, e-mail address, or Help page on your site and hours of support specifically for those customers.
  • Professional Installation: With this option, you can choose to offer professional installation for your customers' systems.

If you want to participate in the millennial marketplace without having to invest millions in back-end fulfillment, The Company Store is a perfect fit for you! The DMP Company Store does all the hard work and lets you reap the rewards. 

Check out the Company Store Installation Poster hereLearn more in the Company Store Dealer Checklist.

Interested in setting up your company's Company Store? Reach out to DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or