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When you need to upgrade Honeywell VISTA® panels...

DMP's entire family of universal communicators gives you the ability to have ECP communication with Honeywell VISTA® panels. You can connect any one of DMP’s universal communicators to a VISTA series ECP bus and, with Remote Link™ Version 1.93, program the Honeywell panel remotely using Honeywell’s Compass® downloading software.

DMP’s Com Series Gives You ECP Functionality
The DMP family of universal communicators (CellComs, DualComs and iComs), enjoy these features:

  • When on a VISTA® panel, you’ll be able to see the panel’s Zone Status in the Virtual Keypad™ app. If there’s a faulted zone, you can also bypass it from the app.
  • These communicators allow you to manage the user codes of a VISTA panel. And, with the XT firmware Version 193 update, you can even remotely manage the master code from Dealer Admin™ or Virtual Keypad.
  • You have the advantage of reporting features with a VISTA panel. By turning on the VISTA panel reporting, you’ll receive more information in notifications. When the panel is triggered from the keypad to arm or disarm, for instance, the push notification not only includes the zone information, but it also identifies the user.

With DMP’s Com Series communicators, you can easily maintain the VISTA panels you’ve taken over

By using any one of the Com Series communicators, you’ll easily be able to upgrade legacy Honeywell panels with modern LTE cell radios for AT&T’s or Verizon’s networks. You’ll also have the advantage of network connectivity, remote app capability and Z-Wave+ enhancements… AND still be able to program the panel using Honeywell’s Compass software!

DualCom Series with cellular backup adds efficiency, reliability

The DualCom Series includes both fire and non-fire options. See the links below for details.

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